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    In response to plunging Yen the Pound jumps with Index Futures on Scotland

    Sep 19, 14 • 484 Views • Extras No Comments

    The pound saw its biggest 2 day jump in 7 months, the European and the U.K. share-index futures headed for a rise and the treasuries fell as the vote for Scotland’s independence was rejected. The yen climbed while Japans equities and U.S. stock-gauge...

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    Pound strengthens against the dollar as Scotland independence voting starts

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    The pound advances against the dollar as voting started on the future of Scotland. The sterling strengthening against most of the 16 major peers as suggestions of a tight outcome to the vote. Gauges predicting the future price is swinging to the U.K. currency...

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    A final appeal for Victory by the Scots independence Campaign

    Sep 17, 14 • 476 Views • Extras No Comments

    The final day of the campaign over Scotland’s future with the pro-independence campaigners saying that it had the momentum to claim victory in the ballots and the “no” side trying to get voters not to use it as a protest. In an interesting last survey,...

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    Barclays accused of hiding traders role

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    It was said by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman that the role of high-frequency traders were hidden by Barclays Pls (BARC) even after claiming that it had shut off clients who engaged in suspicious activity. The New York Attorney General sued the...

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    Effort to Boost returns by leading LBO fund investors

    Sep 11, 14 • 529 Views • Extras No Comments

    In an effort to boost returns some of the biggest investors in leveraged-buyout funds are using unique levels of debt to boost returns. It was quoted by a professor at a French business school “Leverage is a double-edged sword,” and further said “It can...

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    Scope of BOE Probe certain to surprise FX Traders

    Sep 9, 14 • 601 Views • Extras No Comments

    At an interview of foreign-exchange traders by the Bank of England’s inquest as to whether the staff working there were aware of any currency-rate rigging were surprised at some very focused questions. The investigation was called for by the U.K. central...

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    Scottish Independence looming over the U.K.

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    Prime Minister David Cameron’s government and the opposition Labour Party my take a huge hit as talks of Scottish independence increase. Something they never seemed to anticipate. A deciding vote held by yesterday’s YouGov Plc (YOU) putting the Yes vote...

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    Meet The New Governor, He’s Just (Not) Like The Old Governor…

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    There was something entirely fitting about the first monetary policy committee decision and post decision press conference held by the new Bank of England governor Mark Carney on Thursday July 4th. Firstly, most of the assembled journalists and analysts were...

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    Is This a Doji I See Before Me?

    Jun 20, 13 • 1554 Views • Extras No Comments

    “We will look with an open mind at these measures that are especially effective in our institutional setup and that fall within our mandate. Some of those measures may have unintended consequences. This does not mean that they should not be used, but it...

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    Judgment Day For The ECB In The German Courts

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    Once again we await news from the German courts, who are deciding whether or not Germany rescuing other countries by way of, for example, monetary easing is constitutional for German taxpayers. The German constitutional court will start its hearing on the...