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    As the Central Bank highlights policy gaps the dollar strengthens

    Oct 7, 14 • 605 Views • Extras No Comments

    As the decision by the Reserve Bank of Australia and Bank of Japan highlights a change of direction in the monetary policies, the dollar went up against its major peers. The greenback advanced against the Japanese currency right after its biggest drop in 6...

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    Despite debate on fed rate increase timing, the dollar drops

    Oct 6, 14 • 631 Views • Extras No Comments

    The dollar saw a drop pushing the gauge of its strength down to a 4 year high among debates to when the Federal Reserve would raise interest rates just after a report of job gains last week showed gains had beaten forecasts by economists. The dollar weakened...

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    The greenback on the rise in the wake of job growth quickening

    Oct 3, 14 • 745 Views • Extras No Comments

    The U.S. made a comeback after its 3 day dip against the yen only just before an American report that some of their economists say there has been an increase in employment in the last 3 months. An index forecast a 7 weekly gain making it the longest run since...

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    Dollar takes a dip, among observation that it had risen too quickly

    Oct 2, 14 • 640 Views • Extras No Comments

    A pointer to the dollar showed it dropped the most since June on the observation that it had risen too quickly over the past months and just before an American report to be released during the day highlighting the unusual nature of recovery of the economy....

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    The dollar tops best quarter gain since 2008

    Sep 30, 14 • 733 Views • Extras No Comments

    Technical indicators showed that the rally was way too quick as the dollar pared its highest quarter gain since back in 2008. An indicator of the greenback against 10 major peers toped a record most bought level yesterday since back in 2005. The dollar...

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    Japanese pension-fund reform’s yen drops

    Sep 26, 14 • 728 Views • Extras No Comments

    The Japanese currency dropped further to a 6 year low against the dollar among signs of improvement for pension-fund reforms that form a part of the growth strategy of Minister Shinzo Abe who is Prime Minister. The yen dropped against 14 of 16 major peers...

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    Kiwi falls after Wheeler’s talk while Dollar see 4 year high

    Sep 25, 14 • 736 Views • Extras No Comments

    The Kiwi currency fell further to its ever weakest point over a year, now possibly the central bank looks to intervene. The dollar rising to a 4 year high among bets that the interest rates will be boosted by the Federal Reserve. The 0.4 percent fall by the...

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    Dollar’s surge ahead taking a pause as Kiwi and Yen gain

    Sep 24, 14 • 814 Views • Extras No Comments

    Technical indicators were signalling that recent losses were overdone by the dollar as the kiwi and the yen rallied against the U.S. This slowing the dollars impressive advance to its biggest quarterly gain in over three years. The greenback pausing its...

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    Australian dollar strengthening as Yen holds gain

    Sep 23, 14 • 682 Views • Extras No Comments

    The Aussie dollar strengthened its position recovering from a 7 month low after the news of Chinas expansion in the manufacturing sector this month. The help to the Aussie Economy was probably in correlation to China improved Purchasing Managers Index who is...

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    Yen threatens Japan with a recession

    Sep 22, 14 • 726 Views • Extras No Comments

    The yen’s decline threatens Japan with a fall into a recession reducing the purchasing power of common households and puts pressure on corporate profits it was said by a deputy governor of the Bank of Japan. In an interview held on September 19th in Tokyo,...