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  • Forex Market Commentaries - Pointing the Finger

    When the Finger Points

    Oct 18, 11 • 9043 Views • Market Commentaries 1 Comment

    Market commentators and analysts writing for the likes of the FT, Bloomberg and Reuters may want to try writing an economic news story with regards to weak data without ‘blaming’ Europe..”Oh, I see China’s economy has expanded at...

  • Forex Market Commentaries - Robin Hood Tax

    Why the Robin Hood Tax, Belongs With the Men in Tights

    Sep 29, 11 • 10112 Views • Market Commentaries 6 Comments

    Not wanting to be left behind by various actors, pop stars and other members of the glitterati, the European Commission president Jose Barroso played his popular card in his EU address on Wednesday and lent his support to the zeitgeist of banker hatred by...

  • Forex Market Commentaries - D Day for Europe

    The First of Many D Days for Europe, Decision Days

    Sep 29, 11 • 5559 Views • Market Commentaries 2 Comments

    The euro has reversed it’s overnight, early morning bearishness versus the major currencies to make strong gains ahead of two crucial meetings; the troika meeting to rubber stamp Greece’s next proportion of bailout funds and Angela Merkel’s...

  • Forex Market Commentaries - Bread and Circuses

    Does the Premier League have the X-Factor of Rome's Bread and Circuses?

    Sep 28, 11 • 4710 Views • Market Commentaries 1 Comment

    “Bread and Circuses” is regarded as a metaphor to explain the superficial means of appeasement. In politics the phrase is used when describing the synthetic creation of public approval. Not through exemplary public service and policy creation, but...

  • Forex Market Commentaries - USA Doom & Gloom

    Bring Out Your Dead…or Pile Them Up

    Sep 22, 11 • 2601 Views • Market Commentaries Comments Off on Bring Out Your Dead…or Pile Them Up

    Whilst all the focus is on the plight of the Eurozone the domestic financial mess the USA is locked in continues to escape rigorous scrutiny. California is bust, Jefferson county can’t afford its sewers and now we learn that Wayne County Detroit’s...