• Morning Call from FXCC

    The DJIA rises to a new record high for ten consecutive days, as...

    Feb 24 • 26 Views • No Comments

    Another day, another record close for the DJIA, which has now beaten the previous series of record closes from as far back in 1987. The reasons for the continual irrational exuberance and over-optimism appear to be based on the promises tax cuts and stimulus...

  • The life of a forex trader

    The life of a Forex Trader

    Feb 23 • 31 Views • No Comments

    Retail trading from home can be a lonely activity. Let’s be honest, even if you’re incredibly successful, your spouse and nearest and dearest won’t be that interested in the mechanics involved in trading, beyond the profits. Trying to hold a...

  • Morning Call from FXCC

    Fed officials state that a USA interest rate rise is imminent, according to...

    Feb 23 • 30 Views • No Comments

    The latest Fed minutes, from the meeting held January 31st to February 1st, were published on Wednesday evening. It’s important were critical issues such as this are concerned, to not embellish, or to mistranslate the meaning. Therefore we’ll...

  • Fibonacci and its application to FX trading

    Fibonacciand its Application to Forex Trading

    Feb 22 • 34 Views • No Comments

    Of all the: terms, patterns, indicators and tools used in trading, the word, allure and concept of “Fibonacci” stands out as the most mysterious and evocative. It’s legendary use in mathematical calculus, lends it an authority not associated...

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