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  • The-EURGBP-overdoes-it

    The EUR/GBP overdoes it on International Bank Day

    Jul 6, 12 • 3067 Views • Market Commentaries No Comments

    Yesterday should have been called International Central Bank Day, with the Peoples Bank of China, the European Central Bank and the Bank of England all making headlines. The EUR/GBP traded quite volatile in the run-up the policy decisions of the BOE and the...

  • Central-Banks

    The EUR/GBP prepares for the Battle of the Central Banks

    Jul 4, 12 • 2320 Views • Forex Trading Articles No Comments

    Yesterday, trading in the EUR/GBP cross rate was confined to a tight sideways trading range around the 0.8020 pivot. Monday’s correction of the euro had halted, but there was no appetite/news to send the single currency higher. The UK data neither provided...

  • The-Unsinkable-EURGBP

    The Unsinkable EUR/GBP

    Jun 27, 12 • 0 Views • Forex Trading Articles No Comments

    Yesterday, sterling was well bid, even as the news flow from the UK was not supportive for the currency. Uncertainty on the outcome of the EU summit was the key factor for trading in the major euro cross rates. However, sterling was an outperformer. EUR/GBP...

  • The-EURGPB-technical

    The EUR/GPB Technical Speaking

    Jun 22, 12 • 2253 Views • Forex Trading Articles No Comments

    On Thursday morning, EUR/GBP traded more or less in line with the development of the headline EUR/USD pair. The pair traded in the high 0.80 area at the start of trading in Europe. The euro came under pressure early in the session as the Germany PMI...

  • Event-Risk-for-the-EURUSD-today

    Event Risk for the EUR/USD Today

    Jun 22, 12 • 0 Views • Market Commentaries No Comments

    Overnight, Asian equities are also in the red, but the losses are not really excessive, given the sharp loss in the US yesterday evening. EUR/USD holding near yesterday’s closing levels in the mid 1.25 area. Today, there are no important eco data in the US....

  • Deciphering-Fed-Speak

    Deciphering Fed Speak

    Jun 21, 12 • 1 Views • Between the lines No Comments

    Equities showed some volatility surrounding the decision, but closed nearly unchanged. US Treasuries were down ahead of the decision and some curve plays occurred, according to the twist script, which led to an outperformance of the long end and a bear...

  • Making-Head-or-Tail

    Making Head or Tail of the EUR/USD

    Jun 20, 12 • 2165 Views • Forex Trading Articles No Comments

    Last week, there were quite some remarkable price moves on global market, including on the currency market. The data were only of second tier importance. It was all repositioning ahead of the key Greek elections. This vote was largely seen as a key milestone...

  • The-EURUSD-and-the-effects-of-the-Spanish-Bailout

    The EUR/USD and the effects of the Spanish Bailout

    Jun 11, 12 • 0 Views • Forex Trading Articles No Comments

    During the weekend, European leaders agreed on a rescue package for the Spanish banking sector. A more in-depth analyses of this agreement can be found in the fixed income part of this report. The euro jumped higher this morning and currently tries to regain...

  • a-peak-at-the-Sterling-and-the-Yen

    A peak at the Sterling and the Yen

    Jun 6, 12 • 0 Views • Market Commentaries No Comments

    Yesterday morning, the USD/JPY cross rate came under moderate pressure as the decline of EUR/USD and EUR/JPY weighed on the headline pair. USD/JPY reached an intraday low at 78.11 early Europe and settled slightly above that level during the morning session...

  • The-EURGBP-techincally-speaking

    A Fundamental and Technical Look at the EUR/GBP

    Jun 5, 12 • 2886 Views • Forex Trading Articles No Comments

    On Monday, London markets were closed. However, even with no UK economic news on the screens, trading in the EUR/GBP cross rate was quite interesting. The pair was seen in the high 0.80 area during the morning session in Europe. A new up leg in the euro...