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  • Daily Forex News - Greece Debt and Austerity Cuts

    Debts By A Thousand Cuts

    Oct 20, 11 • 4437 Views • Between the lines 1 Comment

    Greece’s government voting in the austerity bill came as no surprise. The government is now a safe bet to get their next tranche of pocket money (circa €8 billion) courtesy of the troika which should ensure they can firstly fill up the cash machines...

  • Eurozone Crisis, It's As Clear As Mud

    Oct 19, 11 • 3351 Views • Between the lines No Comments

    No sooner had the grand plan to rescue the Eurozone been touted it was summarily squashed and just when you think the French and German leaders couldn’t possibly fit in another meeting Sarkozy thanks his wife for giving birth and hops onto a plane to...

  • Daily Forex News - Eurozone Bailout Plan

    The €2 Trillion Eurozone Bail Out Fund is Born

    Oct 18, 11 • 3255 Views • Between the lines No Comments

    So that’s it, the debate is over, the bunting can be put up, street parties can be held in every street throughout Europe as ‘D’ day is with us, the bail out fund lives and we can all breathe a little easier. Other than Bloomberg copy...

  • Daily Forex News - German Sense of Humour

    Oh those Germans and Their Wacky Sense of Gallows Humour..

    Oct 17, 11 • 13153 Views • Between the lines 5 Comments

    Germans struggle to make us laugh and are, according to a poll conducted in summer, the least funny nation in the world. Americans can make us laugh like drains coming top of a poll to find the funniest of 15 nationalities. The verdict on the UK, lagging in...

  • Daily Forex News - Can Desperation Lead To Inspiration

    Can Desperation Lead to Inspiration?

    Oct 13, 11 • 4573 Views • Between the lines No Comments

    The updated weekly USA unemployment figures were published on Thursday. The number of Americans filing claims for jobless benefits hardly changed since the previous week. Applications for unemployment insurance payments decreased 1,000 in the week ended Oct....

  • Daily Forex News - End of the Rope

    When you Reach the End of Your Rope, Tie a Knot in it and Hang On

    Oct 12, 11 • 7051 Views • Between the lines No Comments

    When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on – Thomas Jefferson The president of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso, set out a plan on Wednesday designed to finally bring to an end the eurozone debt crisis. Mr Barroso...

  • Daily Forex News - Between the Lines

    Quantitative, Qualitative or Just Desperate?

    Oct 6, 11 • 4212 Views • Between the lines No Comments

    The same headline phrase was constantly repeated on the mainstream media tv and radio channels on Thursday after the BoE MPC announced it was reverting back to the last trick in it’s toolbox, more quantitative easing. “The Bank of England has...

  • Between the Lines - Black Swan Theories

    Black Swan, Unemployment and Anonymous

    Oct 5, 11 • 2906 Views • Between the lines No Comments

    The UK Conservative party’s annual conference came to an end on Wednesday. Rumors have been circulating that the UK coalition government is about to cave into intense lobbying pressure and reduce the fifty percent rate of tax as, in the opinion of...

  • Daily Forex News - Between the Lines

    Stocks Falling Due to Eurozone Debt Crisis

    Oct 3, 11 • 7697 Views • Between the lines No Comments

    The same headline is constantly being regurgitated by the usual financial media outlets day after day, it repeats something like this; “US Stocks and the Euro fall as Greece concerns outweigh positive U.S. economic data..” Or we read something...

  • Daily Forex News - Between the Lines

    Wall Street Stocks Close 1.33% Up

    Sep 27, 11 • 8731 Views • Between the lines 2 Comments

    Stocks retraced their earlier gains on Wall Street on Tuesday closing 1.33% up on the day having spent the majority of the day up circa 200 points or 2%. Despite the waves of optimism due to the various solutions floated by the official bodies in Euroland the...