Morning Roll Call

  • Morning Call from FXCC

    The DJIA rises to a new record high for ten consecutive days, as the dollar slips.

    Feb 24, 17 • 26 Views • Morning Roll Call No Comments

    Another day, another record close for the DJIA, which has now beaten the previous series of record closes from as far back in 1987. The reasons for the continual irrational exuberance and over-optimism appear to be based on the promises tax cuts and stimulus...

  • Morning Call from FXCC

    Fed officials state that a USA interest rate rise is imminent, according to the published minutes.

    Feb 23, 17 • 30 Views • Morning Roll Call No Comments

    The latest Fed minutes, from the meeting held January 31st to February 1st, were published on Wednesday evening. It’s important were critical issues such as this are concerned, to not embellish, or to mistranslate the meaning. Therefore we’ll...


    Feb 22, 17 • 29 Views • Morning Roll Call No Comments

    USA equity markets reach new record highs as U.S. dollar strength returns, due to the expectation of a Fed interest rate rises in March USA equity markets burst into life after the bank holiday close on Monday; the SPX, DJIA, Russell and NASDAQ all reached...


    Feb 21, 17 • 29 Views • Morning Roll Call No Comments

    Thin trading on Monday due to Presidents’ Day in the USA, sees sterling rise versus the USD and all its ten major peers, but USD firms versus EUR and other major peers Wikipedia describes Presidents’ Day as: “George Washington’s...


    Feb 20, 17 • 34 Views • Morning Roll Call No Comments

    COT report reveals further decrease in USA dollar bullishness, whilst PMI data for Europe and the UK’s GDP estimate form the basis of major news event for the week The COT report provides an excellent medium to longer term barometer of sentiment with...


    Feb 17, 17 • 51 Views • Morning Roll Call No Comments

    Sterling and the dollar fall, as investors speculate on the timing of the next USA interest rate rise Although our morning roll call generally concentrates on the previous day’s European and American news, whilst also prepping our clients to be aware of...


    Feb 16, 17 • 44 Views • Morning Roll Call No Comments

    USA equity markets reach another record high, whilst sterling falls, as UK wage data disappoints Wednesday’s equity markets surge in the USA wasn’t underpinned by what many cynical investors refer to as “hopium” (a mixture of hope and...


    Feb 15, 17 • 54 Views • Morning Roll Call No Comments

    Investors’ optimism reaches 2011 highs, as Janet Yellen’s testimony propels USA markets to fresh record highs “Everything is awesome” is a sarcastic and ironic phrase that many renegade investors and analysts, use to describe the...


    Feb 14, 17 • 55 Views • Morning Roll Call No Comments

    Trump’s promise of “phenomenal tax cuts” propels USA equity markets to new highs, whilst the dollar and sterling both rise versus the euro As we noted last week there’s a new analysis paradigm currently at work in the equity and...


    Feb 13, 17 • 46 Views • Morning Roll Call No Comments

    Inflation is the main focus on the economic calendar this week, as is the ECB’s statement and Janet Yellen’s testimony Inflation in: China, the U.K. and the USA. The job numbers in Australia. Janet Yellen’s semi annual testimony of 2017 and...