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  • Event Risk for the EUR/USD Today

    Jun 22, 12 • 534 Views • Market Commentaries No Comments

    Overnight, Asian equities are also in the red, but the losses are not really excessive, given the sharp loss in the US yesterday evening. EUR/USD holding near yesterday’s closing levels in the mid 1.25 area. Today, there are no important eco data in the US....

  • Deciphering Fed Speak

    Jun 21, 12 • 306 Views • Between the lines No Comments

    Equities showed some volatility surrounding the decision, but closed nearly unchanged. US Treasuries were down ahead of the decision and some curve plays occurred, according to the twist script, which led to an outperformance of the long end and a bear...

  • Making Head or Tail of the EUR/USD

    Jun 20, 12 • 2485 Views • Forex Trading Articles No Comments

    Last week, there were quite some remarkable price moves on global market, including on the currency market. The data were only of second tier importance. It was all repositioning ahead of the key Greek elections. This vote was largely seen as a key milestone...

  • The EUR/USD and the effects of the Spanish Bailout

    Jun 11, 12 • 249 Views • Forex Trading Articles No Comments

    During the weekend, European leaders agreed on a rescue package for the Spanish banking sector. A more in-depth analyses of this agreement can be found in the fixed income part of this report. The euro jumped higher this morning and currently tries to regain...

  • A peak at the Sterling and the Yen

    Jun 6, 12 • 328 Views • Market Commentaries No Comments

    Yesterday morning, the USD/JPY cross rate came under moderate pressure as the decline of EUR/USD and EUR/JPY weighed on the headline pair. USD/JPY reached an intraday low at 78.11 early Europe and settled slightly above that level during the morning session...

  • Gold Gets Clobbered by the USD

    Gold Gets Clobbered by the USD

    May 31, 12 • 361 Views • Forex Precious Metals, Forex Trading Articles No Comments

    The yellow metal has came under severe pressure with the Euro wobbled by a rating cut of Spain by Egan-Jones from “B” to “BB-“ which was the third round of down gradation by the agency in less than a month. The Euro has been hammered by the news that...

  • The GBP Versus The USD And The EUR

    The GBP vs. the USD and the EUR

    May 9, 12 • 4350 Views • Market Commentaries No Comments

    Yesterday, there was very little to tell on the price action in the EUR/GBP cross rate with little eco data coming off of a holiday on Monday. The pair remained in a narrow range roughly between 0.8050/75. The below consensus BRC shop price report and RICS...

  • The EUR, GBP, USD And JPY

    The EUR, USD, GBP And JPY

    May 2, 12 • 8139 Views • Market Commentaries 4 Comments

    The economic calendar is very busy today, after returning from a variety of holidays in Asia and Europe, markets are eager to get back to work. In Europe, investors look out for the final release of the April PMI. The advance reading was quite disappointing...

  • The Happy Trio of EUR, USD and GDP

    The Happy Trio EUR USD And GDP

    Apr 30, 12 • 2206 Views • Market Commentaries No Comments

    The euro was under moderate pressure as markets tried to assess the impact from the S&P downgrade of Spain. The rise in Spain’s unemployment rate was also of no help. The EUR/USD cross rate was changing hands in the 1.3160 area around the open of the...

  • Forex Market Commentaries - Euro Down vs Yen and Dollar

    Euro Continues Falling Versus The Yen And Dollar

    Dec 30, 11 • 7210 Views • Market Commentaries 3 Comments

    The euro weakened for a sixth day in series versus the yen in the morning session, heading for its second annual drop whilst European stocks shed their advances amid the mounting concerns that the severe austerity measures, imposed by the technocrats in order...