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  • Forex Technical Analysis GBPUSD

    Forex Technical & Market Analysis: April 02 2013

    Apr 2, 13 • 2273 Views • Market Reviews No Comments

    2013-04-02 06:00 GMT Spain will revised down its 2013 GDP forecast to -1.0%; Negotiating new deficit target Spain is discussing with the European union a new 2013 budget deficit target around 6% of the GDP, the current target is 4.5%, according to a Reuters...

  • FXCC Market Review July 27 2012

    Jul 27, 12 • 2162 Views • Market Reviews No Comments

    US markets closed higher yesterday, ignoring poor earnings reports and other economic data, after ECB President Draghi, in a prescheduled speech in London, said that the ECB would not sit idly by and allow the monetary union to collapse. He stated that the...

  • FXCC Market Review July 26 2012

    Jul 26, 12 • 2294 Views • Market Reviews No Comments

    The US markets ended mixed amid a slew of earnings news after moving mostly lower over the course of the three previous sessions. The mixed performance on Wall Street came as traders digested quarterly results from large companies, with disappointing news...

  • FXCC Market Review July 25 2012

    Jul 25, 12 • 2124 Views • Market Reviews No Comments

    European shares closed slightly lower Tuesday as poor manufacturing surveys and concerns Spain may need a full bailout weighed. U.S. Stocks quickly clawed back in the final hour of trading Tuesday but still ended lower, with the Dow logging its...

  • FXCC Market Review July 23 2012

    Jul 23, 12 • 2103 Views • Market Reviews No Comments

    Wall Street numbers declined at the end of the week after the yield on Spanish government debt soared on news the country will spend next year in recession, wiping out a three-day rally in US markets. The Dow Jones closed off 0.93%, the S&P 500 index was...

  • FXCC Market Review July 20 2012

    Jul 22, 12 • 3915 Views • Market Reviews 1 Comment

    Asian markets are trading on a mixed note owing to concerns of escalating Euro zone debt which is slowing the entire growth of the global economy. While on the other hand, unfavorable data from the US might prompt Federal Reserve of US to decide stimulus...

  • FXCC Market Review July 19 2012

    Jul 19, 12 • 2157 Views • Market Reviews No Comments

    US stock markets climbed yesterday, July 18th,  on surprising good news from Intel and followed by strong earning around the globe. US stocks gained on Wednesday, turbocharged by a rally in tech stocks and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s comments,...

  • FXCC Market Review July 18 2012

    Jul 18, 12 • 2073 Views • Market Reviews No Comments

    NYSE ended in positive territory on Tuesday after markets initially pulled back on the first day of Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke’s testimony to Congress but then recovered after he spoke about slow progress in the US economy and job market....

  • Forex Trading Market Review July 17 2012

    Jul 17, 12 • 2074 Views • Market Reviews No Comments

    Wall Street traded lower as the S&P 500 and NASDAQ both posted negative returns. The catalyst was that US retail sales came in negative for a third consecutive month in June, implying that Q2 2012 GDP could be meaningfully impaired – and that Chairman...

  • Global Market Review

    Jul 15, 12 • 2029 Views • Market Reviews No Comments

    U.S. stocks ended mixed for the week, reversing losses on the final day of the week, as rally in JPMorgan Chase & Co. and speculation China shall boost stimulus measures tempered concerns about earnings and the global economy. JPMorgan jumped for the week...