Market Commentaries

  • Event-Risk-for-the-EURUSD-today

    Event Risk for the EUR/USD Today

    Jun 22, 12 • 0 Views • Market Commentaries No Comments

    Overnight, Asian equities are also in the red, but the losses are not really excessive, given the sharp loss in the US yesterday evening. EUR/USD holding near yesterday’s closing levels in the mid 1.25 area. Today, there are no important eco data in the US....

  • Crude-Oil-Tumbles

    Crude Oil Tumbles On Fed Statements

    Jun 21, 12 • 1747 Views • Market Commentaries No Comments

    Disappointment with the Fed decision yesterday weights heavily on Crude Oil. Crude has dropped to 80.39 and looks to break under the 80 price level. Not only did the Fed only do the bear minimum yesterday, by extending Operation Twist, they revised growth...

  • Heightened-Market-Worries

    Metals and Energy React to Heightened Market Worries

    Jun 19, 12 • 1607 Views • Market Commentaries No Comments

    Equities are trading down following the increased  risk from Europe to control the rising debt concerns. World leaders pressured Europe at the Group of 20 Nations Summit on Monday to take ambitious new steps to resolve its debt crisis while China has...

  • Gas-and-Oil-Survive

    Greece – Gas and Oil Survive

    Jun 18, 12 • 2014 Views • Market Commentaries No Comments

    Today is a very crucial day forglobal financial market, as the whole globe is waiting for the Greece election result. As of now, with 37.4 percent of the vote counted, official results showed the conservative New Democracy with 30.5 percent of the vote,...

  • Crude-Oil-after-the-OPEC-meetings

    Crude Oil after the OPEC meetings

    Jun 15, 12 • 0 Views • Market Commentaries No Comments

    During early Asian session, oil futures prices are trading above $84.50/bbl with gain of almost 0.90 percent from yesterday’s closing. Positive trend in oil prices is seen driven by both fundamental and economic stimulus in the market. That said, the lower...

  • OPEC-ministers-look-at-Production

    OPEC Ministers Look at Production and Price of Crude Oil

    Jun 14, 12 • 2000 Views • Market Commentaries No Comments

    Crude oil fell on Wednesday ahead of an OPEC policy meeting expected to leave the group’s production target unchanged, while weak economic data added to the bearish sentiment. Japan’s parliament is set to pass a special bill on Friday to allow it...

  • Energy-in-the-Morning

    Energy in the Morning

    Jun 13, 12 • 0 Views • Market Commentaries No Comments

    During early Asian session, oil prices are seen hovering near $83/bbl with fall of more than 0.40 percent from yesterday’s closing. Ahead of OPEC meeting today oil prices have come under pressure with the question of rising, cutting or keeping the...

  • Investors-Fears-and-Worries-Remain

    Investors Fears and Worries Remain

    Jun 12, 12 • 0 Views • Market Commentaries No Comments

    The Spanish bank bail-out agreement reached over the weekend didn’t really ease fears over the ongoing euro crisis less than a week from all-important Greek elections. On the contrary, the relief rally was over when the market started trading in Europe. No...

  • Crude-Oil-and-Natural-Gas-Expectations

    Crude Oil and Natural Gas Expectations

    Jun 11, 12 • 0 Views • Market Commentaries No Comments

    Crude oil futures prices are trading above $86/bbl in electronic platform with gain of more than 2 percent. Oil prices have gained on speculation of higher oil demand from European countries as Spain have requested for bailout to shore up its banks. Spain...

  • Oil-and-Natural-Gas-continue-to-decline

    Oil and Natural Gas continue to decline

    Jun 8, 12 • 0 Views • Market Commentaries No Comments

    Currently oil futures prices are hovering below $83.50/bbl with loss of more than 1 percent in electronic trading. Most of the Asian stocks have headed for a downside trend in lieu of Bernanke statement given on yesterday. A plunge in global financial market...