Introduction to the Best ECN Forex Broker

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The best ECN forex broker can only be understood if you will know what ECN is. ECN is an abbreviation that stands for Electronic Communications Network. The concept of ECN forex broker is actually something new in the field of foreign exchange trading. What sets the ECN broker apart from the rest of the types is that it does not prescribe a fixed spread.

The rates for purchasing and vending all depend on the conditions that prevail in the foreign exchange trading market. Most of the conventional forex brokers provide or offer only a fixed spread. Such brokers are less monitored and less regulated than the ECN forex brokers.

Forex broker fixed spreads normally assume the position that is opposite of the orders coming from clients or customers. For the best ECN forex broker, orders are transmitted from bank to bank. The ECN brokerage only serves as the medium or middleman. The brokers usually work in an independent manner by filing the sell and buy orders coming from their clients.

There exists no organization when it comes to the trading of foreign exchange values, similar to the condition of futures and stocks. Electronic communication networks usually provide the foreign exchange broker the option to bid outside and ask the customer about their preferred prices. Therefore, the best ECN forex broker should be more capable of giving a more consistent manner and level of pricing.

When you are dealing using the conventional dealing desk foreign exchange broker, you will have to deal with customer currency trading. Here, the dealer usually assumes the position of the customer’s sell or buy order. Such broker can dictate the exchange rates at any level he or she prefers. This explains the fact that if you will talk with different brokers, you will get a wide range of value. In such settings, the trader usually competes with the broker for the possible margin of income.

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With the best ECN forex broker, you will work with ease using the sophisticated electronic system. Here, you can match all buy and sell orders accordingly and you can easily compare levels of prices. Currency trading is usually facilitated and organized by the most respected and trusted banking institutions.

Most users note the high level of liquidity making it easier for the broker, the trader, and the customers to deal with each other. Also, the broker will not have to compete with the trader for the margin of income. ECN brokers rely only on transaction charges and fixed commissions.

Dealing via the best ECN forex broker is highly advantageous because all buyers and sellers are already matched in an anonymous manner. Therefore, there is no space for bias. Also, the banking institutions within the loop or network always prioritize the best bids and prices.

Customers usually have to fill their ask prices electronically. During the periods wherein the foreign exchange trading market is active, the ECN can give you the price levels that are much more compact compared to other brokers around.

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