Forex Charts: Mapping the Course of Trading

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Your journey to success in forex trading will be influenced by how well you follow the forex charts.  There is no single determinant for success in forex trading. There are combinations of factors that come into play in every single trade.  The two basic factors that are involved in forex trading are technical analysis and fundamental analysis. Fundamental analysis basically provides the environmental basis for predicting price movements.  Technical analysis, on the other hand, provides a more objective and measurable way to determine how currency prices will move.  It is in this side of the trading mindset where forex charts are used.

There are different forex charting tools that are available to most modern forex traders depending on the different theories set forth by expert traders.  The most common forex charts come in the form of line charts, bar charts, and candlesticks.  Expert traders have plotted price movements over various time periods and have proven their theories that prices will be likely to move towards a particular direction when specific patterns are observed.  Forex traders may choose which charts to use and what patterns to look in his technical analysis.  It is not unusual to find forex traders using a combination of charts in his trading activities.

The charting method has gone far from the way traders used to plot prices in several decades back.  Today, these charts are automated and can be pulled out with just a click of a button.  Forex traders are also able to pull out the forex charts in various time frames for more accurate technical analysis.  In most automated forex systems, these charts are thrown in as part of the forex trader’s subscription package. There are even commentaries included with these charts where expert traders share their own readings of what the charts show. This is especially helpful for beginner traders who do not yet have the expertise to plot their currency prices and to interpret the patterns correctly.

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Through forex charts, forex traders are able to spot opportunities to ride uptrends on currency prices so that they can close their position right at the peak and end up with the most profits.  This, however, does not always happen as easily.  There are ways to determine whether the currency prices are already peaking or if they still have a long way to go upwards.  There are certain trends that are likely to break and reverse in one swift turnaround to cause the trader to be forced to close his position at a loss or to hold on to his position for a longer period.

Being able to identify patterns in forex charts is a skill that is learned through time with enough practice.  You can start familiarizing yourself with these charts using a demo account that mimics actual or live trading prices.  When you do practice with a demo account, treat it as you would a real trading account.  Even if you are not about to lose some amount of money in your demo account, you should trade with the same urgency and temperament as you would if your money were at stake.

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