EUR Forex News and Eddie Murphy: Of Rumors and Speculations

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It was on European slopes where rumormongers said Eddie Murphy met his death, having to be airlifted out of the mountains to a hospital where he supposedly was declared “dead on arrival.” This piece of news was merely a hoax – the website that reported it said so themselves, even stating that the story was “a complete work of fiction for entertainment purposes.” A sick joke indeed, but this piece of news got everybody clamoring for more details. The EUR forex news and Eddie Murphy rumors have this in common: both have captured the public’s attention. Spectators and forex traders, just like the fans and family members of Eddie Murphy, are watching the news for more details about the real state of the EUR and what the policy makers intend to do to ease the financial crisis they are facing.

Reading through EUR forex news and Eddie Murphy rumors both do not make the audiences happy. Although the EUR has held its position at a slight advantage over the USD, current issues on various fronts at various countries in the region threaten to give the currency a shakedown. Damage control is on the hands of government regulators especially as member nations are turning to the European Central Bank (ECB) for some direction on how to move from their current indebtedness. The sovereign debt situation of member countries like Spain is taking a turn for the worse. Mario Draghi, president of the ECB, has not given a clear statement as to how these looming economic problems will be addressed.

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Rumors about Spain’s bailout coming out on forex news and Eddie Murphy rumors being publicized managed to stir the interest of the online community. It is easy enough to brush aside news of Murphy’s death, but it is not as easy to do with the rumors in the forex market. Some of these rumors are not really unfounded and could actually be true. In Spain’s case, the rumors of a bailout came from the belief that the Eurozone will not let Spain drown in debt. It can be recalled that Spain was the recipient of a €100 billion stimulus package in June. This package, it seems, is not enough to keep the country’s economy afloat.

Rumored to be part of the new bailout package the ECB is supposed to extend is an aggressive round of unlimited bond buying. Yet again, these rumors are quickly dampened by hints at a limited buying spree of only short-term securities. There are still conflicts between what is in the forex news and what the Eurozone region is actually experiencing. Analysts are one in their belief that the mixed signals are expected to be around, at least for the near term, until the ECB has made up its mind as to how they can spur economic growth and preserve the Eurozone.

On the US market, the goings on in the Eurozone forex news and Eddie Murphy rumors do not have a positive impact. As Murphy’s family and fans are enraged with the nasty rumors, the USD value as against the EUR slipped. The USD ended the week on a low note, raising hopes and speculations that the EUR might be out of hot water soon.

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