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  • The Surprise of the Morning

    Jun 25, 12 • 97 Views • Between the lines No Comments

    The surprise of the morning, newly elected Greek Prime Minister and the new appointed Greek Finance Minister, have both become too ill to attend the EU Summit this week. At this time Greece will not be represented. New flow today will be centered on the EU...

  • Oil and Natural Gas continue to decline

    Jun 8, 12 • 97 Views • Market Commentaries No Comments

    Currently oil futures prices are hovering below $83.50/bbl with loss of more than 1 percent in electronic trading. Most of the Asian stocks have headed for a downside trend in lieu of Bernanke statement given on yesterday. A plunge in global financial market...

  • Crude Oil kicks of June

    Jun 1, 12 • 90 Views • Market Commentaries No Comments

    During early Asian session crude oil futures prices are hovering below $86.20/bbl with fall of more than 0.30 percent in electronic platform. Oil price are under pressure on concern from major oil consuming nation like China. PMI manufacturing index for the...

  • Forex Market Commentaries - OPEC Figures Support Increased Production

    OPEC March Figures Support Increased Production

    Apr 3, 12 • 1517 Views • Market Commentaries No Comments

    Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) oil output rose in March to its highest since October 2008 as higher supply from Iraq and further recovery in Libya’s production offset a drop in shipments from Iran. Supply from the 12 members of the...

  • Daily Forex News - Crude Assault

    Crude Assault

    Mar 29, 12 • 2441 Views • Between the lines No Comments

    Over the past few weeks, oil prices have continued to soar as speculators use the geopolitical stress from the Islamic Nations to drive prices up. Recently, the Saudi nation has been publicly making statements that they and OPEC have increased production and...

  • Daily Forex News - Oil Embargo Hurting Insurers

    Oil Embargo Hitting Insurers And Having Effects On Iran Oil Shipments

    Mar 16, 12 • 4983 Views • Between the lines 1 Comment

    Japan, South Korea and international cargo ship insurers are lobbying ECU officials to revise planned sanctions against Iran to permit Europe’s insurance market to cover Iranian oil cargos. The EU oil embargo due to come into effect in July to stop ECU...

  • Forex Market Commentaries - Oil Hits New Sterling Record

    Oil Hits A New Sterling Record On Iran Fears

    Feb 23, 12 • 2318 Views • Market Commentaries No Comments

    Oil Hits A New Sterling Record On Iran Fears..But sshhh..Don’t Tell UK Motorists Feb 20, 2008 at 04:01pm New York: “The price of crude oil has scraped above the $100-a-barrel mark in recent months, but for the first time it actually closed above...

  • Market Commentaries - Fuel for Thought

    Fuel for Thought

    Sep 19, 11 • 203 Views • Market Commentaries No Comments

    The United States is the world’s largest producer of ethanol fuel. The U.S. produced 50.0 billion litres of ethanol fuel in 2010. Ethanol fuel is mainly used in the U.S. as an oxygenate to gasoline. In 2009, from all the ethanol fuel consumed in the...