Why Choose MetaTrader 4 as Your Trading Platform

Why Choose MetaTrader 4 as Your Trading Platform

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One of the main considerations you must take into account when choosing a forex broker is the kind of trading platform they offer for your use. Different brokers have different trading platforms. Some are proprietary while others are made by third party providers for public use. You cannot undermine the importance of choosing the most ideal trading platform because it can make or break your forex trading experience.

And speaking of third party provided trading platforms, the most popular and most widely used to date is the Meta Trader 4 or MT4 for short. It is used by over 300 online retail forex brokers and has become the industry standard for trading platforms because of its advanced technology and its enhanced security features. It even has a mobile version which you can download at Google Play for android phones or at iTunes for Apple iPad and iPhones.

The widespread popularity of MT4 is not without remarkable reasons. First off, it has a complete set of trade execution tools to make your trading smooth and trade executions seamless. For example, with MT4, you have the option to put in a market order which is instantly executable or a pending order which will be executed at a price you have pre-selected. You can also trade, place stop orders and trailing stops straight from the chart itself.

The most outstanding feature of the MT4 platform though is its powerful analytics. Apart from its ability to accurately provide online quotes and interactive charts in 9 time frames, it also comes with 30 technical indicators and 33 other analytical objects to make market analysis seem like a walk in the park for you. It also has an extensive library containing thousands of other technical indicators. A popular feature of MT4 which users love so much is its ability to generate trading signals coming from other more experienced traders making it possible for you to simplify your work through ‘copy trading’ the experts. There are thousands of trading strategies as well as strategy providers. Some of them are free while others charge a small subscription fee.

So, whether you are a newbie or a pro, you will find the MT4 the perfect trading platform to help you rein in this volatile and complex market with great ease and comfort. It is extremely intuitive and user friendly. It will only take you a short while to become familiar with how to navigate around this marvelous trading software. Don’t take our word for it though. Download a copy now and open a demo account so you can test drive the MT4 trading platform and see for yourself why it has become the standard for all the trading platforms in the industry.

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