Which Forex Brokers are Best for You

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You are interested in getting dipping your toes in the forex market to see what great surprises it holds for you. If only things were as simple in the forex market as putting your money into a bank account. There is a lot more to forex trading than choosing currency pairs to buy and then selling them off at a higher price later on. If you really want to stay in the market long enough to experience steady gains, you need to find the broker that best matches your trading style. The best forex brokers offer various forex-trading tools to suit every kind of forex trader.

As you look through your options in forex brokers, finding the best match would depend on your own trading profile. The answers to the following questions will help you figure out which among the forex brokers around will work best for your own trading activities:

  • How much money do you have in trading capital? There are minimum initial deposit requirements to open a trading account with any forex broker. What is advantageous to smaller investors is that standard trading accounts can be opened for only a thousand dollars. Smaller trading accounts would require less to open and are more affordable to those who are not willing to put in a lot of money in their initial foray into forex trading. Think about how much disposable income you have to put in your forex trading account and choose the forex broker that lets you trade with what you have.
  • What is your level of trading expertise? The less you know about forex trading, the more you will need out of your forex broker. Some forex brokers offer tutorials that teach you the basics of forex trading. These forex systems have all the tools and features to help you navigate through their different screens and functionalities. More experienced traders would look for more sophisticated forex trading tools and features in their choice of forex trading systems.

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  • How often do you want to trade? Your choice of trading frequency depends on what your trading strategy is. There are those who choose to be day traders and there those who opt to go for only high probability trades. Day traders will need their forex brokers to implement their trades in spans of minutes and seconds. High probability traders, on the other hand, would need brokers who can offer attractive spreads despite their risk exposure.
  • How much risks are you willing to take? Forex brokers allow you to trade in higher amounts even with only a small amount in your trading account. This is called leverage. A forex broker that offers you a higher leverage can allow you to take advantage of greater profit potential. But, this high leverage also exposes you to greater risks. A slight move in the wrong direction of currency prices can end up in a margin call that closes your position at a loss. If you are not willing to take such risks, look for a forex broker that offers lower leverage amounts or even adjustable leverage levels so you can dictate how much or how little to risk in any given trade.
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