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Top 5 books on technical analysis

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Literature is an important self-educating tool for any trader on financial markets. Learning new things helps a trader minimizes his expenses and increases his earnings. We bring the best books on technical analysis to your attention, which will be useful to both novice traders and professionals.

Technical Analysis Books

“Technical analysis: Simple and clear. ” Author: Michael Kahn.

This is a perfect book on technical analysis for beginners. In his textbook, the author describes the basic definitions and terms of the financial markets, teaching the techniques and methods of chart analysis. As he walks the reader through the analytic process, Michael Kahn turns to the appropriate tools from time to time. The theory presented in the book enables the readers to use the acquired skills in working with any initial assets. As a result, he will learn to avoid knowingly unprofitable transactions, and his financial solvency will increase.

“Financial Markets Technical analysis.” Author: Vasily Yakimkin.

Based on a unique approach to the market, which considers the theory of chaos and the provisions of fractal geometry, the author explains the essence of technical analysis in a language familiar to the common man. Yakimkin cites more than 40 well-known technical indicators and 11 new ones created by him and gives successful examples of market diagnostics. A distinctive feature of this edition is that it was written by a Russian author and is aimed at a Russian reader. The book can be used in the form of a textbook for business schools and self-study of technical analysis.

“New thinking in technical analysis.” Author: Bensignor Rick.

This book on technical analysis is a collection of 12 unique chapters written by experts in financial markets, namely the markets of currencies, bonds, stocks, options, and futures. Each chapter explains the methods and techniques of work of a particular guru-practitioner. Having gotten acquainted with the authors who are known worldwide, the reader can choose the one he likes and go directly to his works. The book will be useful for financial analysts, investment managers, employees of other financial spheres, and private investors trading in the markets of Russia and around the world.

“Internet trading, The Complete Guide. ” By Elpish Patel, Pryan Patel.

More and more investors are switching to active trading, and books on the market’s technical analysis are becoming more and more popular. The book “Internet-trading, Complete Guide” provides a step-by-step process for successful online trading. The author also talks about technical and fundamental analysis, choosing the right broker and stocks, opening an account, and trading. The features of trading on online platforms in America, England, Canada, Great Britain, and Germany are discussed in greater detail.

“Technical analysis, Full course. ” Author: Jack Schwager. A world-famous trader in his book tells about the analysis of charts, methods of their interpretation, and an individual approach to their use. The author also pays attention to practical information, analyzing specific trading situations. Schwager talks about trend lines, trading ranges, support and resistance levels, the specifics of trading in futures, and technical indicators. He also examines four main types of technical analysis. Finally, Schwager provides unique advice and practical advice on trading and risk management.

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