The What Why and How of the AutoChartist Manual

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Selecting AutoChartist as your Forex information related servicer is certainly a step in the right direction. However, in order to maximize the potential of the service you would need to be familiar with the interface and fully utilize all functionalities available to you. This article will provide individuals with a short discussion on basic manual information with particular emphasis on importance of reading the entire manual. By the end of this article the reader should not only feel better about the choice of servicer but be on his/her way to better trading!

What is the AutoChartist Manual?

This would be a collection of information relative to, interface, functions, troubleshooting, support, faqs, etc. It is then arranged in such a way that the client can slowly progress form basic usage to full understanding of AutoChartist. Simply put, it is the key to unlocking your full potential as a Forex trader, as well as getting more than your money’s worth.

Why Read the AutoChartist Manual?

The AutoChartist interface is designed to ensure that it is as easy to understand as possible. In fact a beginner can successfully make use of certain functions even without the full reading of the manual. However full utilization of the same is the goal because Forex trading is all about getting the most information in terms of quantity and quality. One without the other may be enough to allow you a living but if your goal is maximum profits then you would need to get both before your competition does.

How to Read the AutoChartist Manual?

Best to get this out of the way, the manual is not a comic strip that can be read haphazardly. The manual is a serious piece of literature that has to be read thoroughly. With that said, it has been arranged and couched to be as reader friendly as possible. Follow these 5 Basic Guidelines and Your reading should go smoothly:

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  1. Familiarization. It is your choice, you can either read this straight through or you can choose to print out a copy. Start by browsing or skimming through the entire manual. Pay special attention to the table of contents section and leaf thru all the pages, all the while reading just a few lines per page.
  2. Process. This should be your second reading, and involves thoroughly reading thru the entire manual one part at a time. A caveat, never attempt to read the entire manual in one sitting. Also, have a pen and paper handy, schedule several readings for each portion and then note down your questions and outline.
  3. Analyze. The third reading involves you, your manual, your notes, and the account. By this time, you should be familiar with what the manual says, so you can now put it into practice. Add more notes and if you have a printed copy then it is best to highlight some of the important portions. Do not be afraid to dirty your hardcopy since this will aid you better in your understanding.
  4. Practice. Use your practice account to determine if you are reading trends. And then slowly work yourself up to making an actual trade. All the while referring to your manual and adding notes.
  5. Refresh/Refer. It is a good idea to refer to your manual at regular intervals. If you still do not understand something call a customer service representative or email one your concern.

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