How to use Currency Strength and Weakness for Trading?

How to use Currency Strength and Weakness for Trading?

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To identify the strength and weaknesses of currencies, using a currency strength meter has great importance. It acts as a graphical representation with which a trader can understand the strength or weakness of the currencies within the forex market.

With the help of currency strength, traders can predict currency movements to make decisions about successful trading opportunities. On how to use currency strength and weakness for trading, let’s get into the discussion below.

How can you trade FX through the Currency Strength Meter?

You can use the currency strength meter in a variety of ways for your trading. And this will generally depend on the trading style you have selected.

To trade in a trend direction, you should choose the powerful trend based on selecting the weakest and strongest currency pairs. To trade within a range, you should go for the currencies that do not fluctuate much daily.

Professionals always recommend you to use a forex strength meter to have a vast knowledge about currency strengths and weaknesses.

Working process of the currency strength meter

If you are not familiar with what currency meters are, this tool measures the main currencies strengths within the Forex market. This includes JPY, GBP, USD, NZD, AUD, CAD, CHF, and EUR. In addition, all 28 crosses between the currencies are compared.

A trader can quickly figure out whether a market condition will react negatively or positively on their positions through a currency strength meter.

Getting an idea about how these technical indicators/meters work is the main topic to debate on. The working of a currency strength meter is based on five steps such as:

  1. 1 – Identifying the base currency
  2. 2 – Matching the base currency with few other available Forex pairs.
  1. 3 – Calculating the relative strength of every single paired currency.
  2. 4 – Calculating the currency average score.
  3. 5 – Concluding the results

Is timeframe important in calculating currency strength?

A trader can quickly figure out if their traded current of the US dollar is weakening or strengthening with the strength meter. A trader should never start trading until they are not clear about this aspect.

In addition, a currency’s strength is determined through the timeframe which the trader sets. Therefore, based on the Forex trading style, you should also look at the time frames of other currencies.

For an intraday trader, inspecting recent data is extremely important. But for the long-term trader, collecting monthly values will work brilliantly.

How often is a currency strength meter updated?

The currency meter updates the Forex data each minute in real-time and often determines the currency’s strength or weakness.

Bottom line

Hence, excellent currency strength is not enough for developing a powerful trading strategy, but it guides you on how to trade with that strategy.

When you start making some trading rules, it is always best to check how the currency strength will affect those rules. If it is positively showing results, you should use it.

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