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How to set push notification in Metatrader 4?

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Push notifications in MetaTrader 4 are short text messages that are sent to a mobile device (Android or iPhone) from the computer version of the trading platform or the services of the developer.

Such messages are extremely important, and this is what will be discussed in today’s article. If you do not understand why push notifications are needed or do not know how to configure sending push notifications from MetaTrader 4 PC version, read the article to the end.

Why use push notifications?

Push notifications are designed to help busy traders that have alternative jobs. It is not important what kind of employment plan; you work at another job, or you need to leave and temporarily not have access to a computer and platform, push notifications will help you not to miss a deal.

It would seem, what prevents you from downloading the mobile version of MT4 and installing a signal on it? But no, the whole problem is that it will not be possible to install third-party indicators or advisors into the mobile version. Therefore, the easiest way is to set up a push notification from the PC version of MetaTrader 4.

It works in a very simple way. Install the mobile version of the MetaTrader 4 platform on your mobile devices. Download links below:

  • For Android:;
  • For iPhone:

On the PC version of MT4, install either an Expert Advisor or an indicator with the algorithm you are interested in (for example, when MA14 and MA21 cross, should give youa signal). When the moving averages cross each other, the MetaTrader 4 terminal will send a push notification to your mobile device.

You need to understand that the function of sending messages is not present in all indicators and advisors. Therefore, before installing anything, read the product documentation.

Hopefully, the installation process is clear. If so, let’s move on to the fun part, setting up push notifications on MetaTrader 4.

How to set up push notification on MT4?

In the PC version of the MT4 platform, open “Service” → “Settings” and go to the “Notifications” tab. In the “Allow Push Notifications” item, check the box, thereby activating the function.

After that, in the “MetaQuotes ID” line, you need to enter the ID number of your mobile device.

To find the ID, go to MetaTrader 4 on your mobile device and select “Settings”. Go down to the “Messages” section, where the MetaQuotes ID will be registered.

MetaQuotes ID is unique for each mobile device.

With the ID, I hope everything is clear, but you are in the settings window; you can choose notification methods: add a signal, adjust the sound, and so on.

Sending a test push notification from MetaTrader 4

After entering the ID, let’s test sending push notifications to a mobile device. In the “Settings” window of the PC version, the “Notifications” tab, click the “Test” button. The push notification should be automatically sent. In the PC version of MT4, a window will appear indicating that the message has been successfully queued, and you can see information in the platform log about errors, if any.

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