Forex psychology: Why do traders fail?

Forex psychology: Why do traders fail?

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Many factors contribute to your success in the market. Successful trading entrepreneurs are the people who have gained a lot of experience, such as knowledge of the basics of the market, and use it to their advantage.

But in addition to knowledge and experience, trading psychology can also significantly impact your trades. For example, improper mental responses towards financial exchanges can easily lead trade to failure.

Many successful traders point out that beginners should always start by creating the right mentality and then move on to the more technical aspect of trading. 

Why do most Forex traders lose money?

Of course, when people enter a foreign market, their goal is to succeed and get paid. And in many cases, they can succeed thanks to the specific structure they follow, and they always work in the market to their advantage.

Unfortunately, the average forex trader is doomed to failure because trading is a zero-sum game where if one group of traders wins, the other group loses.

Today, there are many technical reasons why a forex trader can fail: lack of knowledge about the Forex base, little or no trading experience, poor market conditions, etc. However, these conditions are always the leading cause of Forex losses.

However, the mental psychology of trading is a less critical factor for traders who lose money when trading Forex.

Psychological causes of Forex failure

One of the people’s biggest misconceptions about trading in any financial market is that it is very different from any ordinary business. Unfortunately, this belief automatically indicates that there is no need for initial planning and that it is a matter of taking advantage of the temporary opportunity offered by the market. 

This destructive psychological nature of trading is why traders lose money on Forex. In this article, we will highlight five major issues related to the psychology of trading and why it ultimately leads to failure:

  1. Have very high expectations – the belief that Forex trading can make a person super-rich in a short period
  2. Failure to develop a plan in advance – loss of structure can lead to fear and inefficient decisions during trading
  3. Violations – excessive buying and selling of assets without stopping
  4. Not flexible for market changes – there is only one trading strategy that is not suitable for different market conditions.
  5. Invalid / Abuse Risk Management Techniques – Invalid Stop-Loss / Take-Profit Setting and Non-Response to Risk / Reward Ratio

Trading without a plan is the way to failure

As mentioned above, Forex trading is no different from any business. And like any business, it requires initial and strategic planning. Unfortunately, many inexperienced traders are likely to ignore this vital step and jump straight into the market.

To prepare yourself for any market event and be less likely to face failure, it may be good to create a marketing plan before entering the market. 

Final thoughts

The forex market will destroy you mentally. Therefore, you need to know your main weaknesses and work to correct them because there are many ups and downs in the forex market.

Most forex traders are likely to lose money, but that doesn’t mean you also lose money. Instead, work to improve your weakness and develop a strong business plan with a successful business strategy.

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