8 Factors on Choosing the Best Forex Trading Software

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Although more and more people are using forex trading software for most of their transactions, the fact is that some traders are still skeptical about the product. After all, the Foreign Exchange market is billion-dollar enterprise and it would be hard to rely on a program that may or may not malfunction during a critical time.

The good news is that this possibility shouldn’t detract traders especially since when used correctly, forex trading software can earn people thousands of dollars. The trick is to know exactly what program to use. That being said, following are some tips on how to choose trading software for Forex.

Real Time Information

Timely information is crucial in the Forex market since prices could sink in a matter of seconds. This is why individuals should look for a program that could provide them with accurate data down to the last second.

User-Friendly and Customizable

Of course, the model should be easy enough to learn and understand. This is especially important if the program is meant to accommodate several markets at the same time. Make sure that the program is customizable, allowing users to adjust all parameters depending on their preferences.

Customer Service

The use of the Forex Trading Software should go beyond the actual program. Traders should also be concerned over the kind of support they will get from the manufacturer should they encounter any problems. Ideally, customer service should provide 24/7 support and easily reached through different media such as email, phone calls, live chat and more.

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Ask for Backtesting and Forwardtesting Results

NEVER trust a program that doesn’t provide forwardtesting data. Backtesting is quite common but forwardtesting is crucial because this shows how the model would likely perform in the future. If the seller is only providing forward testing results, skip it.

Money Back Guarantee

Some traders might not consider this, but this is actually important. If a seller is willing to offer a money back guarantee, this shows confidence in their product. With a money back guarantee, traders would feel secure knowing that they aren’t wasting money on something that may eventually backfire.


Note that sensitive information is being sent through the program so the provider must be able to guarantee security for the trader. Ideally, a web-based system should have at least a 128-bit label for perfect encryption.

Data Printout and Summarization

The program should be able to provide a comprehensive breakdown of past transactions and if possible, have it available for printing. This gives traders the chance to study their methodology, spot flaws in the plan and eventually fix them for future transactions.

Of course, those aren’t the only important points traders must consider when looking for the best trading software. Their needs may vary from one point to another and the goal is to find the program that would fit them best. Keep in mind that forex Trading Software is basically a tool for making trades. It is still up to the trader to set up the parameters in which the program will operate.

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