Types of Foreign Exchange Signals

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The best Forex signals are commonly used today both by new and old traders. They are preferred mainly because they provide the same profitable results without forcing them into studying pages and pages of charts. Today, there are two types of signals that traders can choose from.

Forex Robots

These are basically signals coming from an automated source. Known as Forex Robots, the signals are calculated based on a set of parameters that is chosen by the trader. Once those parameters have been hit, the robot will alert the trader who can choose to buy or sell based on the data provided to them.

What’s great about this is that the robot won’t just alert the trader but also make the necessary trade for them. Hence, there’s really no need to log online and make the buying or selling transaction. Forex robots have also been known to be quite accurate in their signals, providing traders with little risk when it comes to investments. Note however that robots need more maintenance from their owners and will need to be set up to function correctly.

Professional Traders

This is the opposite of robot in every sense of the word. Through this, traders will be getting their signals from other traders who will be watching the market 24/7. Should any profitable opportunities come by, the trader will be alerted so that they can take advantage of the situation. The human analyst is typically practiced in the Forex trading system and can provide viable alerts based on their own understanding of the process.

One of the advantages of this method is the fact that the signals will be alerted by actual human traders. This means that they can achieve a level of trading accuracy that is not possible even with robots. Unfortunately,


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Which is Better?

When it comes right down to it, Forex Robots and Professional Traders are both extremely capable of providing profitable signals for the new trader. Hence, deciding between the two depends on the specific needs of the trader. For example, will they want their trades automatically placed or do they prefer to mull over the signals? Also take note of how the information will be sent. Some are delivered through mobile phones, other through email accounts while some are through websites.

Forex signals for free

Note that there are also free Forex signals that traders can use in favor of the paid types. Note however that signals from these free providers are not nearly as accurate as the best forex signals. As a starter, however or as a way to learn the process, traders can try out the free system for a limited amount of time. There are also signal providers that give out free trials for clients that can span several weeks to one month.

Regardless of what type signal a person chooses, it is important that they also take time to learn the nuances of the market. The best forex signals can only go so far and traders will need to develop their own techniques to be profitable.

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