The What Why and How of AutoChartist Webinar

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AutoChartist is a global leader when it comes to Forex related information. This statement is backed up by years of doing business, a solid company profile and client base, numerous positive reviews by titans in the world of Forex, etc. This article will discuss a particular service, the AutoChartist Webinar. The discussion will center on the; what, why, and how and will also serve as a primer for beginners. For more information, best access the website. This is because seminars are regularly conducted.

What is the AutoChartist Webinar?

A webinar is a web based seminar. These seminars are becoming more and more relevant because they provide easy access, not only to information but to interaction between various Forex trading groups as well as experts in the Forex market. This is because any individual can attend it through the use of voice and/or audio connectivity with the speaker/s in a forum. Because it is done online logistics and costs are down or virtually nonexistent, which translates to cheap or cheaper participation fees. This also allows access to individuals who might not have the time or the resources to go to a seminar venue, get board and lodging, etc.

Why AutoChartist Webinar?

Almost all webinars are cheap, accessible, and convenient. AutoChartist has taken this several steps further, however, by ensuring quality lectures and interactions based on a wide range or a specialized type of discussion. And recordings of the seminar may even be provided to participants who have signed up. Below are a few of the topics discussed in the webinars conducted by AutoChartist:

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  • Basic information. These webinars would cater to beginners or enthusiasts. Bu the scope of the discussion and the insights provided are also relevant as a refresher to more advanced traders.
  • Economic Indicators. This discussion would center on market forces that affect the economy of a nation. This in turn drives currency prices towards a trend, to a breakout or to a downward spiral. For example, An announcement by a first world nation prohibiting or making it harder to conduct business process outsourcing to other nations will certainly affect the economy of the nations whose economy heavily relies on the BPO industry. This is especially true if the outsourcing nation has substantial BPO investments in the target nation.
  • Economic Calendars. To a certain extent the economy of a nation fluctuates based on specific timeframes. For example, a country that heavily relies on the export of human resources such as workers can also expect a sudden increase in currency prices during the holidays when these workers remit money to their home nations.
  • Charts. Charts or graphs allow trend identification at a glance. At a glance because certain points or levels in the graphs would indicate raw data relevant to price and level. Therefore the proper identification of relevant charts as well as accurate analysis determines profits and losses during trades.

How to Avail of AutoChartist Webinars?

All you have to do is access the AutoChartist website and browse thru the schedule of webinars conducted. If you are an existing client you can actually customize your account to provide you with webinar alerts via dates, subject matters, lecturer, etc.

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