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  • Fxcc Market Review June 27 2012

    Jun 27, 12 • 2519 Views • Market Reviews No Comments

    Asian stocks recovered from dismal opening Wednesday morning to trade mostly higher, with Hong Kong leading the region amid some buying by funds, though volume remained light ahead of a key European summit. US markets traded with a positive bias today, as the...

  • Market Review June 26 2012

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    A pair of manufacturing surveys were released today in the US. The Chicago National Activity Index for May showed that conditions had deteriorated somewhat, while the Dallas Fed’s manufacturing survey for June showed an improvement in conditions. After the...

  • The-surprise-of-the-morning

    The Surprise of the Morning

    Jun 25, 12 • 0 Views • Between the lines No Comments

    The surprise of the morning, newly elected Greek Prime Minister and the new appointed Greek Finance Minister, have both become too ill to attend the EU Summit this week. At this time Greece will not be represented. New flow today will be centered on the EU...

  • Market Review June 25 2012

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    On the global arena, key summit of the European Union (EU) is scheduled on 28 and 29 June 2012 to discuss the ongoing European debt crisis. At the upcoming EU summit, European officials may reportedly launch the long process of deeper integration within...

  • Market Review June 22 2012

    Jun 22, 12 • 1972 Views • Market Reviews No Comments

    Asian markets are trading on a negative note today on the back of slowing US economic growth coupled with downgrade of world’s largest 15 banks by the Moody’s credit rating agency. The major banks include are Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, UBS AG and 12...

  • Whats-the-story-with-Gold

    Whats the story with Gold

    Jun 22, 12 • 0 Views • Forex Precious Metals, Forex Trading Articles No Comments

    Asian equities are trading down by nearly a percent after weak western counterparts and weak economic development. The Chinese bourses are closed due to dragon-boat festival and metals may remain mostly subdued due to lack of downstream demand. Further, from...

  • Market Review June 21 2012

    Jun 21, 12 • 1740 Views • Market Reviews No Comments

    Asian markets are mixed this morning, over the disappointment of the Fed’s decision; markets had expected a larger stimulus package or new tools. US Fed opted to extend its Maturity Extension Program (Operation Twist) for another six months, but there...

  • Gold-before-the-FOMC

    Gold before the FOMC

    Jun 20, 12 • 1 Views • Forex Precious Metals, Forex Trading Articles No Comments

    Equities are trading up after increased import and export figures from Japan supported gains. The G-20 summit endorsed policies related to the Spanish Banks as the yields of the 10-year bond has increased above 7 percent hitting a record high for the EU at...

  • Market Review June 20 2012

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    Markets in the US are excitedly anticipating today’s Fed meeting, hoping that some form of further monetary stimulus might be forthcoming. Investors are expecting some sort of monetary easing from the Feds. It will be a fairly quiet session in terms of...

  • Market Review June 19 2012

    Jun 19, 12 • 2129 Views • Market Reviews 1 Comment

    The G20 leaders focused their response to Europe’s financial crisis on stabilizing the region’s banks, raising pressure on German Chancellor Angela Merkel to expand rescue measures as contagion engulfed Spain. American exporters from Dow Chemical Co. to...