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  • Firex Trading - FXCC

    Playing the ball and not the man

    Sep 5, 11 • 6353 Views • Forex Trading Articles No Comments

    Most traders and speculators are prone to succumbing too and gravitating towards discussion forums. Trading gossip, news, getting advice, comparing methods and strategies, appraising services and brokers generally form the bulk of the discussion subject...

  • Forex Trading - Forex Trader Development

    The four corners of trader development

    Sep 5, 11 • 6793 Views • Forex Trading Articles 7 Comments

    After practicing an overlapping drill last Friday with my football youth team I reminded one of the seventeen year olds, who I’ve known and coached since the age of five, that the first time we did this drill he was seven. In fact his memory of the...

  • Forex Market Commentaries - Employment and the Piigs

    Employment, employment, employment and the F PIIGS

    Sep 2, 11 • 2598 Views • Market Commentaries No Comments

    For those amongst us who are not UK based, or not familiar with some of the soundbites our various UK politicians have used, “education, education, education” was a heralding cry by a previous Prime Minister on his election campaign. As to how and...

  • Forex Market Commentaries - Jobless Recovery is No Recovery

    The Jobless Recovery is no Recovery

    Sep 1, 11 • 6084 Views • Market Commentaries 2 Comments

    With USA unemployment figures remaining stubbornly high it’s encouraging to see President Obama finally grasp the nettle by announcing it’s high on his priority list. As a governor from Arkansas once famously reminded the electorate,...

  • ECN Forex Trading - FXCC

    ECN Forex Trading

    Feb 7, 11 • 325 Views • Forex Trading Articles No Comments

    The traditional forex broker tends to be based on a dealing desk model. Dealing desk brokers take actual positions on the markets and in many cases will actually take the opposite position to a client’s position. Effectively, taking opposite positions...