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  • What Was and What Will Be

    Jun 11, 12 • 212 Views • Forex Trading Articles No Comments

    This week was outstanding in terms of global markets gain. Though, Spain move closer to becoming the fourth euro-area nation to receive aid, Moody’s Investors Service said might hurt credit ratings as the threat looms of a Greek exit. US markets rose this...

  • Market Review June 11 2012

    Jun 11, 12 • 2112 Views • Market Reviews No Comments

    US President Barack Obama has urged European leaders to prevent a looming overseas debt crisis from dragging down the rest of the world. He said Europeans must inject money into the banking system. “The solutions to these problems are hard, but there...

  • Market Review June 8 2012

    Jun 8, 12 • 1929 Views • Market Reviews No Comments

    Global food prices had their biggest drop in more than two years in May as the cost of dairy products slumped on increased supply, easing strain on household budgets. An index of 55 food items tracked by the United Nations’ Food & Agriculture...

  • Market Review June 7 2012

    Jun 7, 12 • 2080 Views • Market Reviews No Comments

    European leaders are under intense pressure to try to resolve the crisis at a June 28 to 29 EU summit as Spain struggles to keep the debt wolves at bay and Germany holds its hard-line stance that reform and austerity come before growth. Madrid is now asking...

  • Market Review June 6 2012

    Jun 6, 12 • 1996 Views • Market Reviews No Comments

    On Tuesday there was little in the way of news flow, except of the G7 emergency teleconference, which yielded very little in the way of results or news. And there was even less on the eco calendar. The fundamentals affecting the markets on Tuesday were:...

  • Market Review June 5 2012

    Jun 5, 12 • 2231 Views • Market Reviews No Comments

    European markets will lead global influences again on four main counts.  First, German releases could be the most important development in the eurozone as consensus expects each of factory orders, industrial production and exports to take a step backward...

  • Market Review June 1 2012

    Jun 1, 12 • 3415 Views • Market Reviews 1 Comment

    Bonds continued their march to lower yields today. US 10’s now yield 1.56%, UK 10’s yield 1.56%, German 10’s yield 1.2%… and Spanish 10’s yield 6.5%. The extent to which European capital is cycling out of Spanish (and to a lesser extent Italian)...

  • EU Summits And Mini Summits

    EU Summits And Mini Summits

    May 25, 12 • 154 Views • Market Commentaries No Comments

    EU summits or the new mini-summits are occurring much more frequently since the euro zone crisis developed, as its finance ministers and leaders struggle to manage rapidly moving events, including those on financial markets. At times it appears the ministers...

  • Forex Market Commentaries - The Euro Will Keep On Rolling

    The Euro Will Outlast Us All

    Feb 7, 12 • 2143 Views • Market Commentaries No Comments

    “The Euro Will Outlast Us All” – Jean-Claude Juncker Jean-Claude Juncker, who heads the Euro group of finance ministers, when interviewed on German radio stated that “the euro would outlast us all”, he’s confident that...

  • Forex Market Commentaries - Savings and Pension Funds

    The French Are Saving In Euros, Whilst Britons Still Believe In Their Pension System, Both Beliefs Are Wrong

    Jan 9, 12 • 8290 Views • Market Commentaries 10 Comments

    Despite the Eurozone debacle the French are showing remarkable trust in the system, their banks and our beleaguered, battered and bruised single Currency. With one of the lowest personal debt ratios in the Eurozone, partly as a consequence of the French not...