Samsung Galaxy S3 wages war against iPhone 5: Affects Overall Forex Market Liquidity

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With the heated battle between Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 reaching the level of national dailies, it will no longer come as a surprise that the battle has also become one of the hottest and most anticipated forex news.

Recently, via paid print advertisement, Samsung launched an advertisement entitled: “It doesn’t take a genius.” It is an overview of the comparison of specifications between the two companies’ latest Smartphone releases: iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3. In the advertisement, Samsung was in the privileged position of enumerating the basic features and specifications of the two phones.

This has created a lot of buzz in the market giving a renewed or refreshed perspective and a positive forecast when it comes to market liquidity and volatility governing the mobile phone industry.

With a tightened and more competitive exchange between the two leading mobile phone companies, forex news traders have felt the significant effect of the new marketing strategies being employed by the manufacturers of Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5. With the war officially waged, more effects are yet to be seen on the foreign exchange trading market.

If the comparison made by Samsung were to be believed, then the Samsung Galaxy S3 can be considered as superior over the iPhone 5 due to several reasons: longer life of battery, longer standby time, larger Random Access Memory, NFC support, among others. However, according to the forex news traders, especially those who are watching the current market value of the two products, it was observed that Samsung was quite careful not to mention areas wherein Apple could go for a clincher.


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According to forex news analysts, Apple was careful not to limit the market to the buyers of the hardware or the phone itself. As they would point out, the iPhone 5 manufacturer is wise enough to control a much larger, more diverse, and more profitable software market. This, according to them is the largest advantage that Apple holds against Samsung.

In addition, critiques of the Samsung Galaxy S3 point out that it is inferior to iPhone 5 because there are a lot of features, hardware, and software that the Samsung Smartphone finds incomprehensible. For example, Samsung devices cannot connect to Macs, iCloud, and iDevices. As any forex news followers would know, Apple holds a large chunk of the gadgets market because it is known for producing several types of devices and software programs.

Overall, the current clash between Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 has affected the field of currency exchange. While Apple is a gadgets company based in the United States, Samsung is a company that traces its roots from South Korea. With the recent tightening of the competition, the exchange rate between the won and the dollar has become more and more affected in a positive manner.

Speculations, however, from forex news analysts that this act of waging war is just an effort from both companies to stay in the limelight after the controversial copyright infringement issue which was eventually won by Apple, Inc. The decision pushed Samsung to pay a total penalty of US $ 1,000,000,000.

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