Currency Calculator: Convenient Number Crunching in Forex Trading

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When you look at the screens of forex trading systems, it is easy to get intimidated with the loads of figures and charts in screens that are displayed side to side to show different price scenarios. Even more intimidating is the prospect of having to compute for so many values to determine trade sizes, margin requirements, profit potential, and many more.

The ordinary forex trader who simply wants to grow his modest forex trading account can conveniently do the number crunching with the use of forex tools like the currency calculator. The currency calculator is one of the basic tools in the forex market, together with other calculators as the profit calculator and the margin calculator. Making use of these tools in forex trading saves the forex trader time and effort that he would have to spend in manually computing for exchange rates and currency values in his forex transactions.

In the forex market, the forex trader invests by buying a lot of currency in its equivalent amount in another currency. This is called a currency pair. This takes into account the currency exchange rate at the time the purchase was made. In some trades, the money that the forex trader uses in the transaction is in a currency other than those in the currency pair. He can find out how much he needs in his trading account currency in order to purchase his currency pair of choice. Once in position, the forex trader can keep up with the value of his currency pair with the use of the currency calculator. When he reaches his target price, he can then place an order to exit the trade.  He can also use this calculator to compute for his profits after the trade.


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A currency calculator is considerably easier to use than most financial calculators are. All a forex trader has to do is to enter the currencies he wishes to convert to and from as well as the amount of currency he wishes to convert. The currency calculator then pulls the prevailing exchange rates from its source and then does all the computations to display the answer on the screen.

For forex traders, it is always important that the exchange rates used by the calculator are current. The accuracy, or inaccuracy, of the exchange rates in these calculators could affect whatever other calculations the forex broker is to make from this currency conversion.

It is always best to choose forex calculators that are either web-based since they are always updated in their currency exchange rates. Different calculators could use different sources of exchange rates and forex traders should be able to check these calculators against each other. The best choices for forex traders are the forex calculators that are bundled with their trading system. These calculators offer forex traders more accuracy since they use the same set of values for all other transactions in the trading system. Therefore, barring any changes in price values or delays in order execution, a value computed in the currency calculator will be as close to the transaction amount as possible.

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