Why Use Automated Forex Analysis Programs

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Why should you consider automated forex analysis software to perform your currency trading for you? These programs, also known as forex robots, have been heavily hyped as being a sure-fire way to make money trading in the foreign currency exchange markets. Setting aside the hype, however, there are a number of advantages that traders of whatever experience level in the markets can enjoy when they use these automated analysis and trading programs. Here are some of them.

  1. Automated forex analysis software remove emotions from the entire process. While gambling and forex trading are distinctly different activities, they do share one thing in common – the people involved in them can get carried away and not stop when they should. One of the worst mistakes a currency trader can make is chasing their losses and continuing to trade way past the point where they should have stopped. A forex robot prevents this from happening by making moves only according to the parameters that have been programmed in it and not basing its decisions on emotion.
  2. A forex analysis program frees the trader from having to be chained to their computer. When currency traders trade manually, they have to be reading their charts all the time in order to find trading signals that indicate they should open or close a position. When you use a forex robot, however, the monitoring and analysis system is fully automated. You can program the system to send you an alert when a trading signal has been detected so that you can implement the trade or the program can perform the trade automatically. You can even set stop loss orders to prevent the system from losing too much money. You can still maintain that day job while your program does all the trading for you or you can simply do other things you want to do.
  3. An automated forex analysis program allows traders to trade more currency pairs. When you are taking positions manually, you will most likely have to focus on just one currency pair. However, with automated trading software, you can diversify your investment portfolio by trading several currency pairs simultaneously since you have more time to analyze the markets.
  4. Trading software allow you to execute trades in just a few milliseconds. This allows you to capture minuscule changes in exchange rates that can spell big profits with the right amount of leverage. This benefit is particularly important for currency traders for whom scalping is the preferred trading style.


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Before using a computerized forex analysis tool to trade real money, however, it is advisable for you to first test it with a demo account that makes paper trades. This will allow you to become familiar with how the software works as well as allowing you to check the manufacturer’s claims as to its winning trade percentage. Remember that the forex robot is a tool created by people and, as such, will inevitably be wrong some of the time. But the best software will reduce losing trades, allowing you to make money from the markets by being right more often than it is wrong.

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