What Is Forex? A Beginner’s Introduction to Trading

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There is much to learn about the foreign exchange market.  The question “what is forex?” turns in answers that branch out to more and more answers, each one more complex than the one before.  The first investment anyone who wants to trade in the forex market should make is in the form of time and effort into studying and gaining basic knowledge about this highly volatile yet liquid market.  Only by taking the time to understand what is forex and what happens in the market can traders choose the right currency pairs and turn in profits on their trades.  With some diligence in understanding key concepts, it is not difficult for anyone to familiarize himself with the goings-on in the forex market.

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Basically, what is forex is a global exchange that involves buying and selling currency pairs in a decentralized market.  It is the market that dictates the values of the different currencies, although various political events, economic conditions, and public speculation can influence how the currencies are priced.  In simple terms, buying a currency at a certain price and then turning around to sell that currency when its value has changed into a higher price is the goal of every trader in the forex market.  But, things are not quite as simple.  There is a technical side to the answer to the question of what is forex.


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When a trader buys a currency, he does so with another currency given its value at the time of purchase.  The same currency is used to sell the purchased currency at a later time.  With this kind of set up, the trader will have to look at the difference in values of both currencies before he makes a decision on whether or not to sell.  Traders in the market do not just make their trading decisions on a whim.  Their decisions should be based on and after learning fundamental analysis and technical analysis.  These two kinds of analysis are often used together to predict how currency values could move within a certain period of time.

Trading the forex market happens 24 hours a day, with currency prices moving up or down every minute.  The trader, therefore, has to be vigilant about what is going on in the market so that he can trade his currency pair under the best conditions that would turn in the most profits for him.  There are tools that financial experts have devised in order to help traders make better judgements and wiser trading decisions.  Various charting models have been devised to trace price movements of currencies and spot trends.  Trading decisions can then be based on these charts and trends when the same patterns are spotted in current market conditions.

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The kind of preparation one takes before he enters the market defines what is forex going to be like.  More methodical and strategic traders who make use of various tools of the trade to make informed trading decision might not always find the forex market to be a profitable market, but they have better chances of staying in the market longer.  Traders who are emotional about their trades and do not stick to a proven strategy can easily be wiped out from the market.

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