Top Qualities of the Best Forex Broker

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Your success in your forex trading activities relies partly on having the best forex broker around.  All forex trades are done through a licensed forex broker.  Without one who will be able to manage your account properly and to implement your trades at the right time, you cannot possibly make money trading in the forex market.  By setting up an account with the best forex broker, you are able to take advantage of his expertise and to utilize whatever tools he has to offer.  Knowing what to look for in these forex brokers can help land you the forex broker who will best serve your forex trading needs.

Although there are no specific educational requirements to become a forex broker, there are licensing requirements that should be met by aspiring forex brokers.  Those with bachelor’s degrees under their belt and opt to become forex brokers are usually of business, economics, or marketing backgrounds.  On the practical side of things, the following are some of the qualities that are expected in the best forex broker:


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  1. Proficient in numerical calculations and quantitative analysis.  As he will be working with figures flashing and changing in front of his eyes every minute of the day, it is important that a forex broker be highly proficient in working with numbers and making quick decisions based on an analysis of available figures.  Quantitative analysis comes into play in reading technical indicators and trends to be used as basis for making trading decisions in the forex market.
  2. Has an eye for detail.  The best forex broker is meticulous.  The slightest details can make or break a trade and the broker should be able to spot these details at a glance.  This quality will enable forex brokers to competently give advice to their clients taking into consideration even the slightest of factors.
  3. Is financially savvy.  This is non-negotiable.  Aside from the technical side of finance and investing, the best forex broker should be in the know about the goings-on in global and local economies.  Only by being in touch with these goings-on can he fully appreciate and make projections on market movements.  Keeping tabs on current events in the financial industry, updates on the stock markets all over the world, and the latest in financial product innovations forms part of the responsibilities of forex brokers.
  4. Is an excellent strategist.  Trading in the forex market is a game of strategy.  No two trading conditions are exactly the same.  Through varying conditions, the forex broker should be able to help the forex trader create and implement a strategy to maximize gains and minimize losses in his trading activities.  Not all trades might be profitable but the entire trading account held by the best forex broker should turn out to be above the red at all times with the trading gains overshooting losses.
  5. Is trustworthy and has integrity.  The financial industry is an industry based on trust.  People entrust forex brokers with their funds when they choose to open and maintain their trading accounts.  Forex brokers should therefore be deserving of this trust and should act with integrity at all times.

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