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  • Forex Trading Articles - FX Punches In Bunches

    FX Punches In Bunches

    Feb 8, 12 • 1032 Views • Forex Trading Articles Comments Off on FX Punches In Bunches

    “Who really cares where price is, as long as price gets somewhere..” What’s that phrase, “only monkeys pick bottoms”? I’m not sure what the equivalent is for “picking tops” but often monkeys are seen grooming...

  • Forex Trading Articles - No Such Thing As A Guaranteed Forex Trade

    Have You Ever Been 100% Certain Over A Forex Trade?

    Feb 7, 12 • 5748 Views • Forex Trading Articles 3 Comments

    Have you, No? Me neither, so why do so many traders still insist on trading without stop losses? To be frank I shouldn’t get involved in discussions over stop losses as you eventually reach that polarised and prejudiced viewpoint of no return. You think...