Is it possible to make money on Forex without investments?

Is it possible to make money on Forex without investments?

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This is a rather complex question, which is challenging to answer unambiguously. Because the lack of investment usually means a lack of experience, and without knowledge, on Forex, it is impossible to make money. On the other hand, if you set a goal not to invest in Forex more than withdraw and consider it as additional earnings on the Internet or even a way to accumulate funds, you can give a positive answer.

The main emphasis must still be placed on learning and gaining experience; therefore, it is not even recommended to invest anything without knowledge.

Very often, trading professionals recommend starting with a demo account. Also, there are many more ways to collect small funds for the first (training) deposit, which may be related to direct trading in the Forex market or not, the so-called near-forex earnings. Let’s try to consider most of them.

Welcome bonuses

The primary way associated with trading is using the so-called welcome bonuses from companies. Many young (and not only) companies, such as Forex4you, Roboforex, Fxpro, Alpari, and others, to encourage novice traders to become their clients, provide a one-time welcome bonus, that is, a certain amount of funds on your first deposit, but with a restriction on the withdrawal of these funds. You can trade and withdraw profits, but the bonus itself is usually either not allowed to be withdrawn at all or allowed only after a certain number of transactions.

Forex Prop Trading

A more developed variant of bonuses for trading is the so-called prop-trading (from the English proprietary trading – “private trade”), which means trust management of certain companies’ funds. You will say that you need to be a pro to start taking funds in trust? No one will trust a complete newbie, but some companies are quite loyal in choosing traders. They run trader selection campaigns in stages. It is enough to present a profitable account (Invest password) at the initial stage, and you may be provided with a small amount for trading. But in this kind of trading, there are always very clear limits on the risks that should not be allowed. And to the second stage (increasing the amount entrusted to management), you will be admitted only after achieving certain results.

Forex – contests

A somewhat easier way to get a certain amount for trading is to participate in various Forex contests, which various companies regularly hold, both on their websites and Forex forums. Also, there are contests in which to receive certain funds, and it is unnecessary to be a prize-winner. Such contests are held on real accounts with initial deposits from the company that produces or sponsors this competition. Usually, the participants can keep all the profit received during the competition. There are also sometimes certain restrictions here, especially about the withdrawal of these funds, but if we collect funds for trading, what difference does it make to us.

The so-called near-forex methods will follow this, and the most accessible for beginners is the promotion of referral links.

Referral programs

Almost all brokerage companies have affiliate programs that allow you to receive a part of the company’s profit from each transaction of clients invited by you via a referral link. You can promote them on any sites where advertising or ref links are not prohibited, but it is best to do this through signatures on the forums, so this way of earning can be well combined with the following.

On most forums dedicated to Forex, there is an opportunity to earn a pretty penny on various promotions, for example, payment for posting, promotions for copywriters, simple contests, and so on. Leading an active forum life, you can get the maximum effect from the ref links placed in the signature, and sometimes advertisers can order paid advertising for active users.

Rebate services

Special rebate services can be singled out as a kind of affiliate program. These are services that return part of the referral rewards. You can earn your penny both by creating such a service and by using its services. To create such services, some brokerage companies create special conditions.

Forex – copywriting

I would also like to highlight Copywriting as a way to make money. If you already have a good understanding of Forex, you can post on forums and write articles to order both for the same forum and other sites or magazines. You can also run your blog, where you can additionally place ref links or customized advertising. Of course, this also requires certain knowledge regarding site-building and promotion.

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