High Probability Trading and Forex Tools

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There is no way to ensure yourself gains in the foreign exchange market.  The goal of every forex trader is to be able to grow their trading capital through active trading.  Achieving this goal does not happen quick and easy, of course.  Although every forex trader would like to think of his every trade as a high probability trade, very few would actually take the time to study and plan each trade to put the odds to their favor.  High probability trading involves pre-planning your trades and understanding price action movements to indicate a profitable trade.  What results from high probability trading may not always be the most profitable trade possible.  This kind of trading simply indicates that there is very little chance that a trade entered would result in losses.

For high probability trading, you would need to patiently wait for the right time to implement your trades.  Your trading plan should dictate what price action setups you want to enter or exit the market.  Stick to your trading plan and wait until your desired indicators show up on the charts.  Do not let the chart movements sway you away from your trading plan.  Wait patiently for your price action setups and move into position when they show up.

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To help you do this, you can always take advantage of these forex tools available online:

  1. Forex Trading Systems. These trading systems would enable you to enter your trading plan so that your trades will be implemented as soon as your desired indicators are present.  These systems should have historical data that you can back test using your high probability trading plan.  These back tests will also give you an idea of whether or not your plan works with real historical data.  You will likely look at longer time frame charts to test your trading plan with your chosen forex trading system.
  2. Real-time Price Charts. These charts are extremely important in high probability trading.  The simplest price charts are referred to as candlesticks with resistance and support levels easily seen without all the noise of secondary data.  Real time price charts would give you an accurate reading of price action movement and helps you spot patterns that indicate the breaching of the support or the resistance levels.  You would also need a reliable real-time price chart to allow you to time your trades right.
  3. Chart Analysis and Advice. To validate your chart analysis and trading decisions, you might also need help from professional traders.   For this you can opt to pay or not to pay for a separate forex advisory service.  Your trading systems might already include the benefit of expert advice and trading forums along with your charting programs.  Especially if you are new to the world of forex trading, you can use charting analysis and advice features in your trading systems as a learning tool.  Success in high probability trading hinges on your ability to read your charts properly.  Mistakenly interpreting price action signals as being solid and strong can cause you to lose what you thought a high probability trade.  Likewise, misreading the charts and missing a strong price action setup would cause you to have to wait a little longer on your trades.

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