Boon or Bane: Should Forex Signals Be Followed

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With the large number of companies and experts offering forex signals, forex traders would have mixed opinion on whether or not they truly are helpful and necessary in any trading activity.  Some would criticize signals as inefficient and incomplete in terms of market analysis.  The truth is that these signals are indeed an essential part of managing and growing one’s forex trading account.  The challenge to forex traders is finding out which one among the many options available can be his trusted partner in growing his account.  One of the first things that anyone who wants to get started in forex trading should do is to choose a signal provider that is in sync with his desired trading frequency and trading style.

The right signal provider will yield signals that are well-founded on supporting financial and market data.  Forex signals are not random suggestions on trading orders.  These are recommendations based on the patterns and indicators found on the forex charts.  Automated forex signals are generated as the system reads the forex charts and scans for valuable information to point the forex trader to the most profitable trading position.  These signals often come in the form of entry and exit points that the forex trader can jump at.

Forex signals coming from expert advisors involve human intervention.  While the same charts and tools are used in price movement and market analysis, signals from expert advisors usually take into consideration un-quantifiable market influences such as political strife, monetary policy issues, and economic uncertainty among others.  These signals often come with some form of commentary or expert opinion to support the suggested entry and exit points.  With expert opinion, these signals are less objective than the quantitative automated forex signals.

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With a subscription to a signal provider, should a forex trader then follow each and every suggestion he gets?  Not necessarily so, unless the forex trader has an automated account that implements the signals right away without waiting for the trader.  In these cases, the forex trading system is set up with a standing order to trade given certain market indicators.  The forex trader may or may not trade on the signals that he gets for various reasons including lack of trading capital.  But, the other side of the argument contends that there is no sense in subscribing to a signal provider if the trader is not willing to take its suggestions.

When the right signal provider is chosen, the likelihood of having untraded signals is considerably decreased.  With the right signals implemented at the right time, forex traders can soon see their trading gains streaming into their trading accounts. Signals as well as other forex tools can bring forex traders closer to profitability.  Forex traders should always be on top of his forex account even with all the information from his various forex tools.  The decision on what to trade, how much to trade, and when to trade should also be made at the onset of trading.  This will define the trading arena within which the signals can be put to practice.

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