Augusta National Golf Club Name Darla Moore as One of First Female Members

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Women empowerment! The United States has always been known for its being liberal minded and for loving freedom and equality. One of the most recent manifestations of this love for equality was found at the Augusta National Golf Club – a golf club which was exclusive for male members only. According to forex news analysts, when the news came out about the Augusta’s acceptance of female member came out, the dollar has shown a renewed strength.

And yes, of all places, this was actually witnessed on the golf course. Augusta National Golf Club, originally, was an all-male golf club. But recently, this changed with the announcement of the admission to the roster of members of former State Secretary of the United States Condoleezza Rice and business executive form South Carolina Darla Moore.

Augusta National Golf Club is known to host the prestigious Masters year in and year out. Since its establishment in the year 1932, it has only accepted male members. Ten years ago, there was an attempt from a woman, in the person of Martha Burk (member of the National Council of Women’s Organizations), to change the admission guidelines of golf club. However, she failed in changing the elite club’s ways back then.

Yes, Condoleezza Rice is a prominent name in United States politics. But right now, many people are asking who Darla Moore actually is. For everyone’s knowledge, she’s a newsmaker in the field of business. She’s constantly in the forex news these past decades.

Darla Moore is a prominent business woman who is recognized by her peers as the woman who gets the highest salary way back in the 1980s when she was still working at the Chemical Bank. She is from South Carolina. At present, she is 50 years old and holds the position of Vice President of a private company that centers on investments, Rainwater, Inc. The founder of the company, Richard Rainwater is Darla Moore’s husband.

The National Chairman of Augusta Golf Club, through a speech said that the selection of the first two lady members of the Golf Club is actually an occasion that should be celebrated because of the fact that this can be noted as something that is positive and truly significant in the Club’s timeline. This, according to forex news, swayed traders’ sympathy to the US dollar, making it a bit stronger despite current political downturns.

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Rice and Moore are said to be chosen based on the following criteria: they are both accomplished in their respective fields of endeavor – Rice in politics and Moore in trading and investment. On top of that, both ladies are very passionate about playing golf. The entire membership of the Golf Club expresses their support, acceptance, and respect to the first two lady members of the Golf Club. The Chairman projects that seeing the two women wearing the Club’s green jackets this coming fall will actually be a moment to be proud of for the club and its members.

Darla Moore, on the other hand, expresses her gratitude for being accepted by the formerly all-male roster. She said that she has several friends at the Augusta National and her membership is another milestone that she wishes to celebrate. She said that being confirmed as a member of the golf club is an occasion that she considers to be truly important and she expresses her happiness about this development. Again, after her golden days back in the 1980s, Darla Moore is back in making forex news.

Augusta National Golf Club first opened for golf players in the year 1932. It did not accept black members until the year 1990. And yes, this year marked another milestone for the women empowerment advocacy. With the admission of the first two lady members, the club is seen in a much more positive light because it no longer excludes or isolates members regardless of race and gender.

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