All about MetaTrader 4: Evaluating Three Portable Options

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It cannot be denied that countless individuals throughout the world continue to rely on MetaTrader 4, also known as MT4, for their forex trading needs. In relation to such currency-exchange activities though, one should always remember that there are cases in which it would be most beneficial to monitor trends even while on the go. It is for this very reason that experienced traders often seek portable alternatives to full-featured trading platforms. Of course, those who developed the popular MetaTrader software are well aware of this demand: as a result, they produced Windows Mobile, iOS, and Android versions of MT4.

Upon learning of such a fact regarding the existence of portable versions of MetaTrader 4, many would immediately seek out and download such applications for their handheld gadgets. As to be expected though, there are those who would simply prefer to learn more about the aforementioned “mini” variants of MT4. Individuals with Windows Mobile devices would surely be pleased that the MetaTrader software suited for their phones and Pocket PCs is actually the best among various portable versions. After all, those using MT4 on Windows Mobile gadgets are able to enjoy trading and graphing features. Advice functions however, are absent.

In a way, the iOS variant of MetaTrader 4 is much simpler than its Windows Mobile counterpart. As a matter of fact, upon using MT4 on an iPhone or an iPad, one would definitely notice that there are two important features that seem to have been left out: pivot point identification and Fibonacci line generation. Despite such limitations, it is undeniable that many would still find such a program to be useful. To explain, it is possible to utilize various technical indicators just by running the software. In addition, the application is more than capable of providing regular updates on the spreads, highs, and lows of currency pairs.

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The Android version of MetaTrader 4 is virtually identical to the popular trading platform’s iOS variant in terms of functionality. Indeed, MT4 on Android allows traders to acquire quote information, view all kinds of graphs, and process transactions while away from their computers. It should be pointed out though, that there is a key difference between the two MT4 software packages that makes devices that run on Google’s operating system the least impressive choice for traders seeking portable solutions: the fonts and colors used on Android are far from appealing to the eye.

To reiterate, the Windows Mobile MT4 software boasts top-notch functionality, making it suitable for those who would want to use a portable trading platform that is just as extensive as a computer-reliant system feature-wise. On the other hand, the iOS version of MT4 lacks a few important functions despite remaining useful for those who wish to engage in currency trading while on the go. MetaTrader’s Android variant is almost the same as those seen on Apple devices albeit having less readable information. Regardless of such differences, the mere existence of portable MetaTrader 4 software packages is already reassuring to active traders.

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