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  • Canada Consumer Confidence Falling

    Canada Gets Hit With A Double Whammy

    Apr 24, 12 • 2051 Views • Market Commentaries Comments Off on Canada Gets Hit With A Double Whammy

    Consumer confidence has fallen in Canada, partly on concerns about employment and recession and high prices, according to the latest data from the Conference Board of Canada. This month, the board’s Index of Consumer Confidence dropped 4.5 points from...

  • Forex Market Commentaries - Has The Loonie Gone Loonie

    Has Canada Gone Loonie?

    Jan 27, 12 • 3294 Views • Market Commentaries 2 Comments

    Has Canada Gone Loonie, Are They Seriously Considering Replacing All Their Paper Currency With Plastic? There are many viral marketing campaigns on the web, most crash and burn. Others, such as the one my colleagues at FXCC towers are about to unleash, have a...