SAT, ACT Results out Already, State of Education Affects Market Volatility Greatly

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It’s official: SAT and ACT results prove to show that high school students, on the average, all over the US do not have enough skills to make it through college. The disappointing college entrance examination results is not just a big announcement in connection to the state of the Union, it is likewise a big forex news as well.

According to the latest SAT average national results, the readings for 2012 are very disappointing to say the least. The figures suggest that the state of education has reached its new low for the past 40 years. The scores for writing slid down greatly in high school. On the other hand, scores on mathematics did not change from last year’s measly performance. The SAT mean score, compared to the overall high school students’ performance in 2006 prove to be lower by 20 big points. In 2006, the scores made it to the forex news when the test opened up a section for writing.

On the other hand, scores on ACT for this year is no different from the scores last year. There are two prevailing interpretations – that the state has actually succeeded in maintaining the level of education or the state, despite investing heavily on education through reforms, have not really reached real levels of progress. These caused a lot of worries on a national scale bringing in a lot of uncertainty to the foreign exchange trading market and effected market volatility and currency value levels.

This ‘development’ can be considered as very big forex news. But aside from its effects on market volatility and on currency levels, what are its real implications? For one, results of ACT and SAT are held with reverence by all colleges and universities all over the United States. Without a decent score in ACT and SAT, an aspiring college student can only aspire and do nothing much aside from it. Since most universities and colleges receive thousands and thousands of admission applications, the scores are a good way of culling out the incompetent and those who lack the skills.


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However, in the long run, with low ACT and SAT scores becoming the rule rather than the exemption, there will come a time that most citizens of the US will not be that educated. With the immigrant influx level increasing year after year, it will no longer come as a surprise that their level of education will be far more impressive than those of the natives. In the end, this big implication roots from the admission decisions as pushed forth by ACT and SAT scores. Many individual students fail to get admitted and that hurts the US economy greatly – and that’s forex news.

In 2012, greater than 50 percent of those who have finished their high school education who dared to take an entrance examination for a college or university did not have the proficiency to succeed in college and acquire a career. This is the most compelling implication of the ACT and SAT results. The test results predict that almost 6 out of 10 graduating senior students who took the SAT will not be able to gain an average of B-minus or higher in college if given the chance to enter the University. On the other hand, on a separate report, 6 out of 10 graduates from US high schools are said to be at a big risk of not achieving anything satisfactory once they step into college.

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