How High Probability Trading Impacts Your Profitability

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Nobody gets into foreign exchange trading without any expectation of profits.  The truth is, everyone who has the money to spare would like to jump into forex trading because of the huge profits it can potentially offer them.  There is a lot of money to be made in forex trading – trillions of dollars move around and through this market all over the world every day.  What every forex trader wants is a share in this.  Every forex trader wants the trades with the highest probability of gaining profits.  High probability trading is not as easy as it seems.

Trades with the highest gains are not always accessible.  When you look for trades that are highly profitable, there is also a good chance that you would have to take greater risks when you trade.  This is what day traders do.  They take on risks and lose out on a number of trades before they are able to finally realize great profits.  Not all traders, however, would have the heart to bear such losses.  Instead of profitability, you can focus your efforts towards looking for high probability trades.  Rather than size of the potential gains, this high probability trading focuses on the chances that a particular trade will be profitable.


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The following are the benefits that you can enjoy with a high probability trading strategy:

  1. Eliminates emotional trading: when it is your hard-earned money at stake during your trading activities, it is only natural to get emotional.  With forex trading, however, you simply cannot get emotional.  You have to have a strategy that would allow you to stay faithful to and see things through.  Having a trading plan will allow you to plan your trades at specific price movements.  A high probability trading strategy will let you trade only when you have the best odds at making profits.
  2. Less movement: you do not have to deal with the flurry of activities that come with getting in and out of trades within minutes or even seconds when you only work with high probability trades.  Even your charting analysis is made simpler by doing away with the usually shorter time frames for day trading.  You do not have to bother with the buzzle of price movements by the minute when you choose to engage only in high probability trades.
  3. Calculated risks: High probability trading is not a one time-big time profitability deal.  Price action setups should be strong and solid to indicate high probability for a particular trade which can potentially turn in profits.  These trades do not necessarily result in the biggest gains but it steers you away from potential losses in your trades.  You might have to hold on to your trades a little longer with high probability trading, but at least you do not have to deal with greater risks.

There is no single trading strategy that would work for everyone.  You will have to devise your own forex trading strategy depending on what you feel comfortable with.  Do not expect to be an instant millionaire with forex trading.  Learn everything that you can about forex trading and decide how you want to conduct your trading activities.  With the right trading strategies, you would be able to reach your profitability goals.

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