• dollar_drop_250x180

    2nd day consecutive weakening of the dollar

    Nov 10, 14 • 387 Views • Extras No Comments

    After a strong run, the dollar fell for a consecutive 2nd day after it has revealed by the October payrolls growth to be lower than was forecast by economists leading traders to reduce their bets for an earlier interest rate increase. The American currency...

  • dollar_strengthened_250x180

    Dollar keeps its upswing

    Nov 7, 14 • 430 Views • Extras No Comments

    The dollar continues its biggest gain in over 16 months, this just before a report by the U.S. government showed that employers added more jobs than the yearly average in October. The American currency is set for its highest point against the Yen in an...

  • yen_drop2_250x180

    Yen continues 7 year low

    Nov 6, 14 • 424 Views • Extras No Comments

    Although performing better the yen continued its 7 year low as trade moves showed that the currency fall below 115 per dollar had been a little too much. The Japanese 14 day index that measures its relative strength dropped to 20 earlier this week and...

  • japan2_250x180

    Yen drops to an unprecedented 7 year all time low

    Nov 5, 14 • 422 Views • Extras No Comments

    On a comment by Kuroda the Japanese currency took a dive versus the dollar as the Governor Haruhiko Kuroda of the Bank of Japan claimed he saw no limitations to the steps the BOJ would take to battle deflation. The yen dropped against 16 peers lengthening...

  • federal_reserve_250x180

    Dollar just short of its 5 year high. Kiwi strengthens

    Nov 4, 14 • 407 Views • Extras No Comments

    A dollar gauge was 0.2 percent up from the highest close. This since 2009 April on thoughts of jobs as well as manufacturing data will give justification for the raising of interest rates by the Federal Reserve next year. The Kiwi went up when the Reserve...

  • dollar-up-250x180

    Dollar up on a possible deviation of policy

    Nov 3, 14 • 400 Views • Extras No Comments

    The greenback climbed to its highest in 7 years versus the yen on observations that the Federal Reserve is gearing up to increase interest rates. The major Bank in Japan and the main European Central Bank are adding to stimulus. The Dollar climbed against its...

  • japan-250x180

    Yen takes a drop as Bank of Japan stimulates easing

    Oct 31, 14 • 407 Views • Extras No Comments

    It is officially now at a 6 year low against the dollar, when the BOJ without notice enlarged money stimulus. The bonds of the government of Japan’s climbed after the major bank mentioned it would seek to enlarge the base of monetary by 80 trillion yen....

  • dollar3-250x180

    Greenback at a 3 week high against the Yen

    Oct 30, 14 • 407 Views • Extras No Comments

    The U.S. currency climbed to its highest point in 3 weeks against the Japanese currency after Federal Reserve finished bond purchases because of the labour market recovery. The dollar went up against the 14 of the 16 peers as investors increased the odds for...

  • dollar-drop2-250x180

    The dollar keeps it 3 day drop

    Oct 29, 14 • 431 Views • Extras No Comments

    The Greenback kept its 3 day drop as indications of a bumpy U.S. economic comeback led investors to rethink their view for interest rates for the upcoming year just before today the Federal Reserve arranges monetary policy. The dollar was close to a 1 week...

  • ECB-250x180

    Worries were laid to rest after ECB stress tests, spurring on the Euro

    Oct 27, 14 • 409 Views • Extras No Comments

    There was a notable climb of the Euro currency after stress tests conducted by the European Central Bank gave relieve to any worries that some lenders balance sheets might not be up to it. This resulted in a 2 week high against the Japanese currency just...