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    The dollar nearly at 120 Yen

    Dec 4, 14 • 753 Views • Extras No Comments

    The American currency is now only within 0.1 percent to reach 120 Yen making it the highest since back in 2007 July amidst predictions by analysts that American job growth will increase while recession will continue for Japan. A measure that tracks the...

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    Dollar at 7 year high against the Yen

    Dec 3, 14 • 737 Views • Extras No Comments

    The American currency kept its momentum to now be at a 7 year high versus the Japanese counterpart, this before data showing that economists claim will justify the case for higher rates of interest as policy eases in Japan and Europe. The dollar gained 0.1...

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    Dollar stalls before its 6 year highest rally

    Dec 2, 14 • 719 Views • Extras No Comments

    It was amongst thoughts that the dollar’s climb had been too quick, that the currency came to a stall, this before American data that will show that job growth had slowed. The Aussie dollar came back when it almost reached its weakest in 4 years when the...

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    Dollar at 7 year high against the Yen

    Dec 1, 14 • 718 Views • Extras No Comments

    The American currency climbed to 7 year high against the Japanese currency, this just before a forecast that would show that the American manufacturing had performed better than its global peers this further supporting the viewpoint for higher rates of...

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    Yen takes a fall to 7 year low

    Nov 28, 14 • 630 Views • Extras No Comments

    Yen took a fall and 2 year government bonds yields of Japan fell below 0, this after data revealed household expenditure dropped and inflation reduced. 1.6 percent was the number for the monthly loss for the Yen versus all its 16 counterparts amongst thoughts...

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    Dollar takes a drop for a 3rd day against the Yen

    Nov 27, 14 • 551 Views • Extras No Comments

    An indicator of if the American economic data is surpassing or falling behind forecasts, fell to its lowest point, when the dollar dropped for a 3rd day running. The Japanese currency climbed versus all but 3 of its peers as patterns of trading showed its...

  • aussie2-250x180

    Aussie at a near 4 year low

    Nov 26, 14 • 630 Views • Extras 1 Comment

    The dollar from Australia was trading at 0.3 percent from its 4 year low, this just after the Deputy Governor Philip Lowe of the central bank yesterday claimed the Aussie could likely fall even further to the point of the commodity export prices. The Japanese...

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    Yen makes a small comeback

    Nov 25, 14 • 596 Views • Extras No Comments

    Amidst feeling that the yen’s decline has been overstretched, the Japanese currency made its rebound from a near 7 year low against the dollar. The Governor of the Bank of Japan, Haruhiko Kuroda claimed the economy is set to attain the 2 percent inflation...

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    Euro nearing 2 year low

    Nov 24, 14 • 518 Views • Extras No Comments

    The 18 nation currency is close to a 2 year low against the American counterpart this just before a report that economists claimed that this showed business confidence had fallen over the prior 7 months. The euro fell versus most of the major peers when the...

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    Yen equals the sharpest 5 week drop since 1995

    Nov 21, 14 • 431 Views • Extras No Comments

    This news coming after Japan’s Taro Aso, who is the Finance Minister, claimed that the yen had fallen too fast. The yen dropped against all 31 peers with the exception of 1 this week before the country holds an election for the lower house coming up in...