The What Why and How of AutoChartist Daily

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AutoChartist provides a wide range of relevant information to all traders. This information consists of raw data, charts, indicators, emerging patterns, alerts, even ideas. This is accessible to the client anytime they need it. This article will focus on the basic information relative to AutoChartist daily. By the end of this article the reader should be able to understand the; what, why, and how of this particular service and of course sign up for a free 14 days AutoChartist account.

What is AutoChartist Daily?

This is a service provided to clients and is customizable when it comes to scope, time, frequency, etc. This means that you would be able to get your daily fix of Forex news to aid in your short term, mid term, and long term trade strategy. The daily primarily provides information about analyzed data that is then converted to charts, patterns, quality indicators, important points, etc. as a general rule these information are then arranged via currency pairs. This is to facilitate easy identification and selection by clients. The currency pairs include but are not limited to:

  • Crude Oil
  • Silver
  • Gold


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Why AutoChartist Daily?

The answer is simple and can also be summed up in three words, relevant, reliable, and variety. Relevant because of the way it is sorted which is done by currency pairs and primary price indicators provide the client with a way to easily reference to the type of Forex trades that he or she specializes in. For example, if Trader A wants to trade using the NZD and CAD pair then the same can also be included in the alerts given. Reliable, because the analysis is made by expert traders who look at raw data and then cross reference the same with a wide range of charts, quality indicators, historical data as well as past patterns of trading. In short, the analysis is created, checked, rechecked and then checked some more before it is given to the client. Variety can also be seen in the wide range of currency pairs provided as well as the type of analysis given. For example, the NZD/CAD daily alert will comprise of a discussion of the chart patterns, quality indicators, bar levels, trend, uniformity, clarity, etc.

How to Avail of AutoChartist Daily?

Easily, you can sign up for the free 14 day trial. Read through the provided user manual. Customize your trial account and include all of the necessary services you want. Remember you have the option of opting for alerts via different time frames. However, since you are using a trial account, it would be best to start with the daily and weekly update if possible. Before your trial account expires sign up for a paid account and include in the service the daily updates. It is that easy. Now if you have a MetaTrader, then you can even plug in AutoChartist.

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