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  • Energy in the Morning

    Jun 13, 12 • 774 Views • Market Commentaries Comments Off on Energy in the Morning

    During early Asian session, oil prices are seen hovering near $83/bbl with fall of more than 0.40 percent from yesterday’s closing. Ahead of OPEC meeting today oil prices have come under pressure with the question of rising, cutting or keeping the...

  • Forex Market Commentaries - Living With Rising Oil Prices

    Fracking Shale Gas, Fracking Economy

    Sep 23, 11 • 4360 Views • Market Commentaries 1 Comment

    The slump in share values and the volatility of the forex markets hasn’t reduced me to swearing, I moved on a few years back from swearing at the monitor and “the markets” when my trades went bad. Oh ok, I admit it, I still do it now and...