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  • Forex Marker Commentaries - OECD Calls For EU To Man Up

    OECD Tells EU To Man Up

    Mar 27, 12 • 2676 Views • Market Commentaries Comments Off on OECD Tells EU To Man Up

    This past weekend, Germany said it was willing to  back a temporary increase in euro-zone funds to help prevent the debt crisis in the bloc’s periphery from jumping to other member states, according to a report Monday. According to Angel Gurria,...

  • Forex Market Commentaries - Euro Rescue Plan

    Taking a Knife to a Gunfight, the Trillion Euro Sticking Plaster

    Oct 27, 11 • 4361 Views • Market Commentaries 1 Comment

    Ultimately the EU ministerial roadshow had to release a plan, even if many commentators believed it to be woefully inadequate they had to be seen to be doing something. The €1 trillion combined rescue package will create the right kind of headlines through...