Position Calculator: the Basics of a Useful Trading Tool

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It cannot be denied that most novices in forex trading barely have an idea as to what a position calculator is, even though such a computational tool is widely available. It should be pointed out that remaining clueless about such an important application would only lead to disappointment in one’s trading endeavors. It is for this very reason that most currency-exchange experts encourage those just beginning to appreciate the moneymaking potential of forex trading to learn about such a calculator as soon as possible: a task that could be easily accomplished by continuing to read this article.

Using a position calculator is essentially the most convenient means of determining the amount at risk in a given trade. As a matter of fact, such a computational tool is also capable of providing information regarding two other important aspects in trading: position size and lots. With this in mind, it becomes clear that by merely using the abovementioned “risk assessment solution”, one would no longer have to worry about the possibility of compromising the entire account balance after initiating a single transaction. Indeed, the “numbers” provided by the calculator serves as a warning for potential “account blow outs”.

At this point, many would surely have one question in mind: is it difficult to utilize a position calculator? Well, the answer to such a query is definitely no. As mentioned beforehand, such a computational tool is synonymous with convenience. In most cases, it would only be necessary to input five types of information on the application, namely the trading account’s currency, the account’s current balance, the target risk ratio for the trade, the stop-loss, and of course the currency pair being focused on. After placing all the needed details and clicking on the “calculate” button, one would be able to see the results immediately.


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It should be emphasized however, that there are variants of the position calculator that do not function based on a given risk ratio. To put it simply, some computational tools make it possible to determine the risk ratio percentage based on the amount of money that would be involved and risked in the trade. While not many would be able to take advantage of such a feature, as most forex trading tips already come with risk ratio specifics, it is undeniable that those who wish to be as sure as possible before carrying out their very own strategies would appreciate the added flexibility of a “switchable” calculator.

To reiterate, the calculator’s main purpose is to determine the “amount at risk” in a given trade, making it possible for traders to avoid compromising their account’s balance. As also pointed out, such an application is easy enough to use, as it would only be a must to place the necessary information before hitting the “calculate” button. Of course, there are calculators that have a “reversible” feature as well, determining the risk ratio instead of the amount of money risked. All in all, any trader regardless of experience would surely be able to benefit from a position calculator.

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