Importance of Forex Position Calculator

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If you are a trader, you should know that one of the most important tools that you should always bring is the forex position calculator. It is instrumental in managing every single risk that can be encountered along the way. Position sizing is recognized as the key towards better risk management that prevents the scenario wherein your foreign exchange account has to be closed just because you have made a major mistake within a single trading cycle.

Technology has worked for the betterment of the forex position calculator. Years back, experts will need a few minutes to come up with and calculate the desired parameters. But now, all you have to do is to supply the required information and you will get the result within seconds. The resulting parameters are an approximation of the amount (in units of the desired currency) to purchase or to sell in order to take control of the maximum risk that can be held per position.

In order to effectively use the position calculator, you would have to enter the following required information:

  • Currency used in your account
  • The size of your account
  • Ratio of Risk in percentage
  • Standard pips, stop-loss
  • And the currency pair that you are trading

Upon entering these details, you will instantly have the following information:

  • The total amount of money
  • The number of units
  • The total number of lots.


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The position size recommendations given by the forex position calculator are all based on the information that you have inputted or entered. You will be likewise informed on how far the trade can go against your favor. In cases wherein you will be trading with a currency pair that involves the US dollar as the other half, you forex position sizing calculator may ask you about customizing the pip stop level. This way, the position size that you will take on will be based on the stop you have chosen.

Forex position calculator is usually a free tool in the field of foreign exchange trading. It is truly effective in making you aware how risky the transactions that you are closely considering. However, it only works well on all major pairs of currencies and their respective crosses. For minor ones, it might not work well in the same way. Any forex trading mentor would give due emphasis to the importance position size calculation. Even the old books give through discussions on this portion. With time, this has not really lost its significance.

Computing for the exact amount that you are capable of risking is essential especially if you are adhering to a definite foreign exchange money management strategy. Such strategies assure that you will not be losing very large amounts. In adjusting your Forex position, experts advise to do it manually. This way, you will avoid losing the deal of cash that you don’t want to lose. With the aid of a forex position calculator, you can truly practice being a highly organized forex trader – the key towards being a respected and successful professional foreign exchange trader.

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