The What How and Why of Free AutoChartist

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Everyone and anyone trading in the Forex market will eventually come across AutoChartist. This is because ever since it began business in 2004 it has become a world leader when it comes to Forex chart pattern identification, quality indicators, Metatrader 4, etc. This article will discuss the basics of AutoChartist and provide the reader with information on how to avail of initial services as well as add on services for free. By the end of this article the reader should not only have a basic understanding of AutoChartist but would also, hopefully, realize the advantages and relevance of signing up for a Free AutoChartist account.

What is a Free AutoChartist Account?

AutoChartist provides Forex related information, patterns, trends, indicators, etc. The free account provides for basic functionality.  And some of these functions are:

  • Chart Patterns. These would include but are not limited to CFD, equities, futures, spread betting, automatic identification of patterns like triangles, loops, wedges, bottoms, tops, etc. These raw data, pattern identification and quality indicators are also directly provided to the members via audio and/or visual alerts as close to real time as possible. The interface and alerts are designed to be user friendly for beginners and wide in scope with access to raw data for more seasoned traders.
  • Fibonacci Patterns. Patterns that indicate support and/or resistance are also visually illustrated and expected patterns are then formulated. This would be based on the “Golden Ratio”. And it provides beginners with the basic ABCD patterns while at the same time satisfies more advanced traders via Butterfly and Gartley formations.
  • Key Levels. These would be horizontal support and resistance. Simply put traders are alerted to approaching breakouts either on top and/or at the bottom. This is done through Autochartist identified key levels.
  • PowerStats. Simply put, this toolkit provides relevant insight on market movement. This is done via several strategies which include but are not limited to: average PIP, expected up and/or down momentum, Max expected movement in price via different timeframes.
  • MetaTrader 4 Plugin. The relevance of an MT 4 application need not be discussed here. What is important to understand is the fact that ALL the features of AutoChartist can be delivered to a trader through the use of a custom MT 4 plug in.
  • Market Reports. Reports are also generated daily, weekly r depending on the needs of the client. This is customizable, accessible via a wide variety of languages and delivered to the user thru the interface of choice.
  • Trade-Ideas. If you are running out of ideas or if you are in need of an infusion of inspirational ideas then look no further. AutoChartist provides such a service utilizing only the best market analysts and analytics.


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Why Should I Sign Up for a Free AutoChartist Account?

Well it is absolutely free for the first 14 days! This means that you get to enjoy the services provided with no strings attached! If you are not satisfied with the service provided you can discontinue the service. You would not have to worry about a thing because unlike other providers who will run you thru a gauntlet of call center representatives and exhaustive disconnection forms, our deactivation process is fast, easy, transparent and guaranteed!

How Do I Sign up for a Free AutoChartist Account?

Signing up for a free account is easy; all you have to do is access the main website and register for a free 14 day trial account. This trial account will provide you with the basic functionality formatted for easy user interface. Of course some of the premium functionality can only be unlocked after signing up, but AutoChartist is confident that by the end of the 14 day trial period the user will have realized the convenience, advantage, and relevance of the services provided.

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