Morning Roll Call

  • grave-american-flag

    Morning Roll Call

    Aug 22, 13 • 886 Views • Morning Roll Call No Comments

    Can the Jackson Hole Symposium stop digging the USA economy into an early grave? The markets reacted predictably to the FOMC minutes published on Wednesday. The DJIA falling 105 points to fall through S2 and critically crash through the psyche barrier of...

  • nervous-trader

    Morning Roll Call

    Aug 21, 13 • 872 Views • Morning Roll Call No Comments

    Traders looking for ‘code’ from the FOMC minutes Tuesday continued the mini slump global equities markets have suffered over recent days with the USA indices falling to a six week low. Once again fears that the USA Fed will curb its bond...

  • Red-Flag

    Morning Roll Call August 20th 2013

    Aug 20, 13 • 800 Views • Morning Roll Call No Comments

      Monday registered another negative day for many European equity indices, the European STOXX closed down 1.08%, the UK FTSE closed down 0.53%, the CAC closed down 0.97%. Italy’s principal index, the MIB nearly registered the largest fall of 2.46%...

  • aaaaa

    Morning Roll Call; Between The Lines

    Jun 9, 13 • 973 Views • Morning Roll Call No Comments

    As we predicted in our early morning call Thursday was dominated by the president of the ECB, Mario Draghi, giving his conference speech. This came after the announcement was made via Eurostat that base interest rates, in particular the deposit rate, would...

  • aaaaaaa

    Morning Roll Call, Between The Lines

    Jun 6, 13 • 939 Views • Morning Roll Call No Comments

    So the Wednesday numbers and the scores published on the various analysts’ doors, exceeded expectations. Well sort of… The ADP jobs report numbers pitched in with a healthy 135,000 new jobs added. However, as is customary with ADP, the last set of...